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What Do I Need to Know for the GRE Math Subject Test?

The GRE Math subject test focuses heavily on assessing your understanding of calculus. Half of the exam's 66 multiple-choice questions deal with this area of mathematics. You will need to answer questions that deal with both differential and integral calculus. Calculus questions can also involve concepts related to geometry, trigonometry and other mathematical subjects.

The rest of the exam is divided between problems that deal with:

  • Elementary, linear and abstract algebra
  • Real analysis and number theory
  • Discrete mathematics and topology
  • Geometry, probability and statistics

Altogether, you will have two hours and 50 minutes to complete these questions.

How Do I Register?

You can register online through the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Registration through the mail is also possible, though you should allow more time for processing - up to four weeks - if you choose to use this option.

Because the exam is paper-based, it is only offered in April, September and October, so make sure you plan ahead and get registered in time. Regular registration deadlines typically fall just over a month before the test date.

However you submit your registration, you will need to choose your test day and location, pay a fee and select up to four educational institutions to receive your scores. You may also decide if you want to send only your most recent scores or all of your scores from the previous five years.

What Types of Study Guides Are Available?

You have several study guide options available for the GRE Math subject test. These options include:

  • ETS Practice Books: ETS offers a free, downloadable mathematics practice book that provides an overview of the exam along with some basic test-taking tips for managing your time during the exam. It also includes a practice test and answer key that can help measure your readiness. This practice test is set up to demonstrate the length and difficulty of the GRE, so it can give you a great idea of which areas you need extra help with.
  • Print Study Guides: There are also books you can buy to help prepare for the GRE. These resources typically include a review of math concepts tested by the exam along with sample questions. Look for options that also feature several practice tests, and make sure your choice covers all the mathematics subjects you need extra help with.
  • Online Study Guides: Online study guides can also be very useful while preparing to successfully complete this exam. You can check out's GRE Math Subject Test Study Guide for a self-paced, interactive way to get ready for test day. Video lessons allow you to easily review the algebra, trigonometry, calculus and geometry concepts you'll need to be familiar with when taking the test. Plus, you can track your progress by completing self-assessment quizzes and take the course practice test to determine when you're ready. Mathematics experts are also available to answer any questions you might have.
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Determining when and where to take the GRE is an important step in test preparation. Learn how to find the right date and location for the GRE general test and the GRE subject tests, as well as helpful study tips.

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