GRE Registration Fee

GRE Registration Fee

The registration fee for the GRE General Test is $205. According to Educational Testing Service (ETS), the administrators of the exam, this fee applies for any test taken around the world as of January 5, 2015.

Additional Fees

If changes must be made to your exam date or location once you have registered, you will pay an additional fee. To reschedule your exam or change the location of where you will take it, you must pay an additional $50. If you are taking the paper-delivered test, you may opt for standby testing for an additional $50. If you are taking the paper-delivered test and registered online, you may register late for $25.

Payment Methods

Depending on the type of test you are taking, there are different payment methods available. When registering for the computer-based test, you can pay using a major debit/credit card or a certified voucher. Checks and money orders are also among the payment options, but you need to mail in an authorization voucher first. Paper-delivered tests can be purchased using those same methods, as well as several other payment types, including PayPal and E-Checks.

Prepare for the GRE

Due to the significance of the GRE in the admissions process, adequate preparation is essential. offers resources that can help you prepare, including video lessons and practice questions. Check out these resources in the GRE Test Practice & Study Guide to help ensure you're ready for the exam. Not only does this course target the different kinds of subject matter you can expect to see on the test, but it also offers some helpful pointers for test day in the About the Test chapter.

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