Halloween Math Games

Instructor: Nicky Davis
Trick or treat or trigonometry! Mathematics and Halloween may not seem to go together at first, but there are ways to make math fun for the holiday! Keep reading for games and activities to bring the spirit of Halloween into math along with some resources to help you refresh yourself on a variety of math topics.

Math Games for Halloween

Candy Bank

Assign every type of candy a numerical value. You can decide these values based on your candy preference, or the size of the candy, or another points system. Once you know the values of each kind of candy, use your points system to try one of the following activities:

  • Set up a candy exchange with friends to trade for your favorite candies using the points to determine fair trades.
  • Add up the values of all your candy to determine your candy 'net worth'.

Addition and Subtraction Help

Check out's learning resources on addition and subtraction to brush up your basic math skills.

Costume Count

Take a survey of the different costumes you see on Halloween. Divide them into categories, such as spooky costumes, pretty costumes and funny costumes, or manufactured costumes versus homemade costumes. Once you've collected your data, try one of the following.

  • Determine the probability of seeing different types of costumes.
  • Create a bar graph or pie chart to represent your data
  • Divide the data up by age, or gender of the costume-wearer. How does this alter the probability of certain types of costume?

Probability and Graphing Help

From bar graphs and pie charts to standard deviations and means, this chapter on probability and statistics has everything you need to review these concepts and build your knowledge.

Pumpkin Estimates

Carving pumpkins is a major part of Halloween, but how much do you know about your pumpkin? Once you've got a pumpkin, try out a few of the following pumpkin estimation exercises, and then test to see if you're correct.

  • Make an estimate of the pumpkin's circumference. Measure and see how accurate you were.
  • Guess how many seeds are inside the pumpkin. As you're carving, collect the seeds to see how close your guess was.
  • Approximate the pumpkin's weight before and after it's hollowed out. Then weigh it, carve and weigh again.

Estimation Help

Check out the chapter on data and graphs to find helpful lessons on making predictions and estimates.

Candy Area

Candy comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Determine the area of various candy bars. Then try to solve the following puzzles:

  • How many candy bars of different kinds would it take to cover the floor of your bedroom? How about your classroom?
  • How much area does your candy haul cover?

Geometry Help

If you're looking to review principles of area and volume, the following chapter on perimeter, area and volume has all the lessons you need, along with quizzes to make sure the knowledge sticks.

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