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Health Education Systems, Inc. Tests

Commonly referred to as HESI tests, these exams are administered by Evolve/Elsevier, Inc. Students entering allied health science fields like nursing, dental hygiene, respiratory care, and medical insurance billing may need to take one of these tests. An HESI exam may include subjects like biology, mathematics comprehension, chemistry, and reading comprehension.

HESI Accommodations

Testing accommodations are available for HESI exams for individuals who require them. Testing adjustments may include longer testing sessions (time and a half or double time) or an aide to read the exam. A separate room for testing, screen magnification and other accommodations recommended by a medical professional could also be available.

Several schools are highlighted below to provide individuals with an idea of the process for requesting accommodations. Students taking their test at a Prometric testing center will need to go through Evolve/Elsevier, Inc. to request testing accommodations. In contrast, students taking the test at their school's testing center will request accommodations through their school. Schools typically have an office for disability services to assist students with the process.

Applying for Accommodations at Prometric Testing Centers

Prometric administers the HESI exam at approved testing centers across the country. Students who will be taking the test at a Prometric center will need to fill out an accommodations request form through the Evolve/Elsevier online registration portal. Some educational institutions, such as Bergen Community College and Texas A&M University, provide instructions on their websites to assist students in the process. As part of the request form, students will need to supply documentation that meets the below criteria:

  • Is from an appropriate medical professional and is on organizational letterhead
  • Includes the medical professional's contact information, such as his/her title and phone number
  • Explains the disability, including diagnosis information and any treatment prescribed
  • Outlines the necessary testing accommodations for the specific disability
  • Cannot be more than five years old

After students submit their completed request form and corresponding documentation, they will need to wait and receive a determination from the Evolve/Elsevier, Inc. accommodations department before registering to take the HESI.

Individuals can contact Evolve/Elsevier, Inc. at 1-800-922-9570 with any questions.

Applying for Accommodations at On-Campus Testing Centers

Some educational institutions, such as Lord Fairfax Community College, operate on-campus testing centers. In such cases, students will work with campus staff to request accommodations for the HESI. For example, individuals at Lord Fairfax will need to request a letter of accommodations from the department of disability services. They will then need to send their letter to the college's allied health testing specialist. The specialist will work with individuals to register for the HESI.

Students who have not registered with their school's disability services office can usually set up an appointment with a counselor to discuss the documentation required and the process involved in having a letter of accommodations created for them.

Test Preparation Materials for the HESI

Students have several choices when it comes to preparing for the HESI, ranging from practice tests to study guides.

Evolve/Elsevier, Inc.

Evolve/Elsevier, Inc. offers dozens of study aids for individuals to purchase. Options include registered nurse and radiography practice tests. Students can visit the Evolve/Elsevier, Inc. website to purchase the appropriate study aids.


Students can also visit Study.com to find test prep materials for the HESI:

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Designed by Elsevier Student Life, HESI exams are used to screen applicants to allied health care programs, chart their course progress, and help them prepare for certification examinations, such as the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

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