HESI Test Retake Policy


Retaking the HESI Tests

Individuals who are planning to pursue careers in nursing or other allied health professions may need to take the HESI tests when applying to college and university training programs. The HESI is also known as the HESI A2, and even sometimes referred to as Evolve Reach A2. Schools typically refer to the test as the HESI A2 on their websites.

Each college or university that uses the HESI determines whether or not individuals are allowed to take the test again, although most colleges and universities do allow multiple test attempts. Each school also determines what policies apply when registering for a retake.

How Many Test Attempts Are Allowed?

There may be a limited number of times that individuals can take the exams during a specific period. Some schools break down the year into two admission periods, and HESI test-takers are only allowed two attempts per admission period.

Other schools limit the number of times that any person can take the HESI test to two or three attempts total. In these cases, schools might also require individuals to sign and submit a form acknowledging school retake policies before they are permitted to register for another test attempt.

How Long Do Individuals Need to Wait to Retake the HESI?

Waiting periods between testing attempts can vary from school to school. Some schools require students to wait 30 days for a retake, while others have waiting period of up to six months.

Individuals who need to retake the HESI should check on the policies set by the college where they are testing.

Do HESI Test Scores Expire?

Schools may require individuals to retake the HESI exams if they do not register in a program within a certain period of time from when they took the tests. Some colleges and universities only accept HESI scores that are less than one or two years old.

What Is a Passing Score on the HESI?

The score requirements that colleges and universities have for the HESI vary. Some schools only consider individuals who earn scores of no less than 75% or 80% on each of the HESI tests they are required to take. Other programs base scoring requirements on the average score earned on all of the exams.

Due to the variations in how schools review score results and what their score requirements are, it is important for test-takers to know what the college or university they're applying to expects them to earn on the HESI tests.

Preparing to Retake the HESI Exams

Individuals who do not do well on the HESI tests on their first attempt and need to take them again can use reputable study resources to help them prepare. This HESI Admission Assessment Exam Course was designed to guide students through all of the material they will be tested on when taking the HESI. It contains over 100 self-paced lessons that individuals can access online in addition to an HESI Admission Assessment Course Final Exam to help them determine when they're ready for their retake.

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Designed by Elsevier Student Life, HESI exams are used to screen applicants to allied health care programs, chart their course progress, and help them prepare for certification examinations, such as the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

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