How Can I Improve My ACT Scores?

Improving your ACT Scores

Due to the comprehensive nature of the ACT, proper preparation is essential for improving your score. The ACT's website indicates that many students take the test twice and more than half increased their composite score. There are many resources available for you to prepare for retaking the exam. The ACT's website offers several free resources, including sample questions and a practice booklet. More intensive resources are available for purchase, such as online and hard-copy study guides. also offers resources for the ACT, which can be accessed through a low monthly fee. These resources include access to tutoring and video lessons, which focus on the test in general or specific sections.

Review the following links to learn more about these resources:

ACT Retesting Restrictions

There are restrictions which apply to retaking the ACT. You may not take the test more than 12 total times, including scores that are cancelled. Exceptions can be for states and districts that have testing requirements. For a complete list of the restrictions, review the ACT's website.

How the ACT is Scored

The reading, science, math and English sections are all scored on a scale of 1 to 36 and then averaged among each other for the composite score. The writing section is scored on a scale of 1 to 6 by two reviewers and the scores are added together. The scores from the four sections can be compared to benchmark scores. If your scores are at or above these benchmarks, this indicates that you are prepared for a college course in this subject. A score of seven or higher on the writing section indicates that you are prepared for writing in college.

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