How Do I Get a Copy of My GED?

Getting a Copy of Your GED

Depending on the state where you live, you'll be issued a GED certificate or diploma once you pass all four GED subtests. How you go about getting a copy will also depend on your location.

In some states, successful examinees receive a copy through the mail around a month after passing the GED, while other states require you to get in touch with your GED testing program or adult education department. States taking advantage of the GED Credentialing service provide you with access to an electronic diploma you can print for your records. This service also allows you to request an official copy and send transcripts to employers or schools through your online GED account.

The GED Testing Service has a directory of state websites for students interested in learning how to get a copy of their certificate or diploma (

Understanding Test Results

The minimum passing score for each GED subtest is 150 points. To find out if you earned high enough scores to receive a diploma or certificate, you must log in to the same account you used to register for the GED.

An enhanced score report is included with every GED exam you take. This complete analysis of your performance is available shortly after you finish taking an exam. Furthermore, your report will let you know if you earned a high enough score to make it into the Honors category.

Improving Your Scores

Your score report will also give you a detailed explanation of areas where you could use some improvement and provide you with some strategies for earning a higher score if you need to retake a test. If you took one of the subject exams that involved an essay response (Social Studies and Reading/Language Arts), suggestions on how to improve those answers will be included as well.

Once you've determined which subtests you need to work on, consider using the self-paced video lessons and quizzes included in's test prep courses. Review is available in each of the GED subject areas:

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GED stands for the General Educational Development tests. These exams are taken by individuals who did not earn a high school diploma and cover four main subject areas. The successful completion of these tests provides the same benefits as graduating high school. Read on to learn more.

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