How Long Does it Take to Get CSET Results?


CSET Results

For the CSET, most scores are released within seven weeks after the start of the testing period.

The CSET, however, is not a single exam. Rather, it is a series of tests, each with its own unique subject and focus. The release time for each exam is different, and candidates can expect to wait anywhere from 5 to 7 weeks from the start of the testing period to finally receive their scores.

Release Dates by Exam

The following list contains a few of the more commonly taken CSET exams, along with how long students will need to wait to see their results.


The CSET English tests a candidate's basic literary analysis and reading comprehension skills. It is composed of four subtests.

Results for Subtests I and II are released within five weeks of testing, while Subtests III and IV are released within seven weeks afterward.

Foundational Level General Science

This exam gauges candidates' knowledge of essential scientific concepts.

Scores are available within seven weeks of testing.

Foundational Level Mathematics

The second of the foundational level exams, this assessment is broken into two subtests, with results being released within seven weeks.

Health Science

Candidates sitting for this exam will need to take three subtests, with topics including environmental health, interpersonal relationships, nutrition & fitness, human growth, and family life.

Test results will be released within seven weeks.

Multiple Subjects

The CSET Multiple Subjects exam touches on basic skills for a number of subjects, including physical education, science, literature, and history. Candidates taking this exam are pursuing certification in multiple subjects for grades 1 through 6.

Results for the Multiple Subjects test are released within 5 weeks.

Writing Skills

The CSET Writing Skills exam measures a candidate's ability to clearly and effectively communicate using the written word.

Like the multiple subjects exam, this test is a common requirement for certification. Test results are issued no later than 5 weeks after testing.

Social Science

The CSET Social Science Exam focuses primarily on geography and history, with specific content including world history, U.S. geography, and economics. The test also includes a section on the history of California.

Exam results are posted within seven weeks of the testing period.

CSET Preparation

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