How Long Does it Take to Get TExES Scores Back?


TExES Score Reporting

Most TExES exams are continuously administered CAT (computerized adaptive testing) exams. If you took one of these tests, you should have to wait no more than 7 days to receive your scores.

The exception to this policy comes with limited administration CAT and PBT (paper-based testing) exams. For these tests, you may need to wait a few weeks to see your score.

Limited-Administration CAT Scores

Whereas most CAT tests are offered continuously, select TExES exams are only offered within specific testing windows.

Score reporting dates occur once a testing window closes, and the length of time candidates will need to wait for their scores varies depending on how far into the testing window they took the exam as well as the test itself.

The wait for test scores generally lasts between 6 and 10 days for tests consisting solely of multiple-choice questions and 3 to 4 weeks for foreign language tests and tests that include constructed response questions.

PBT Scores

The Braille exam is the only paper-based test. Candidates taking this exam typically need to wait a few weeks before they will receive their scores; all scores should be received within 28 days.

Reporting Delays

In some cases, you may need to wait even longer to receive your scores. Possible reasons for delay include:

  • New or revised tests may take longer to release because administrators need to establish passing standards and analyze overall performance.
  • Failure to comply with Pearson's policy, such as improper registration or failure to follow an administrator's directions, may cause your scores to be delayed.
  • Your scores may be delayed (or voided) if you fail to provide proof of your testing approval.
  • Test scores will not be released until you have taken care of any unpaid testing fees.


TExES scores may be cancelled by Pearson if there is suspicion of cheating, plagiarism or any other type of misconduct; discrepancies at any stage of the identification process; or if a candidate discloses test information or questions to the public.

You also have the opportunity to cancel scores yourself at the end of a test. Once cancelled, scores will not be sent to anyone and will not show up on your record.

Accessing Your Scores

Once they become available, you can access your scores via your Pearson account. In addition to your passing status, you'll receive a detailed score report that thoroughly explains your performance. You'll also be supplied with a guide to understanding the report, as scores can sometimes be difficult to comprehend.

Scores are automatically sent to the Texas Education Agency as well as your Educator Preparation Program; score reports are for your own personal benefit and do not need to be forwarded on to either of these organizations.

Improving Your Test Results

The TExES exams are a challenging test of a candidate's knowledge, but with proper preparation they become much more manageable.

To help students get ready, publishes TExES Study Guides for several exams in the series, such as these:

The TExES PPR test is administered to teachers seeking certification in Texas. Learn more about the content, structure and purpose of the PPR exam, and find out what you can do to prepare.

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