How Long is the TEAS Test?


What is the Allotted Time for the TEAS Test?

The Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) gives students about 3 1/2 hours finish the TEAS, an exam which includes all multiple choice items. This exam is comprised of four subject areas that contain a pre-determined set of items. Below you'll find the sections that are included on the TEAS, along with the allotted time for each section:

  • Mathematics: Given the important role that math plays in the daily duties of a nurse or allied health professional, it's no surprise that one of the sections of the TEAS is devoted to it. Students will encounter 36 items, with 54 minutes set aside to complete it. Concepts in this section are the same as those that candidates have encountered in secondary school and their college pre-program years. Mathematical topics include numbers, algebra, measurement and data.
  • Reading: Reading comprehension is a basic skill that is a requirement for any student entering a nursing/allied health program. Students will have 64 minutes to finish these 53 items, with subjects including key concepts, the structure and craft of passages & integration of knowledge.
  • Science: The science portion is a comprehensive review of essential concepts that will be important for a future career in nursing. For this section, students will encounter 53 test items and will be given a total of 63 minutes to answer questions about physical science, the human body, life science and scientific reasoning.
  • English Language & Usage: This is the shortest section of the test and it verifies that students have a solid grasp of basic English language skills. Students will have 28 minutes to demonstrate their proficiency in English conventions, language and vocabulary by answering 28 questions.

How Can I Prepare for the TEAS Test?

The ATI offers several study materials and practice tests to help students get ready for the test. These materials can be ordered from the ATI's website. also offers numerous online resources that can help you get prepared for this exam. These courses are self-paced and available 24/7, meaning that you won't have to re-structure your schedule to make time to study. These study tools also contain several other helpful features, such as self-assessment exams and quizzes, and the ability to take notes in the lesson transcripts to ensure that you are comprehending what you are learning in the courses. You can also use these resources on multiple devices, including a smartphone, laptop, and tablet. Below you'll find examples of some of the courses that are available to you:

In addition to studying, you should also be sure that you have properly registered for the exam. It is recommended that you register at least two weeks in advance so you can focus on studying without having to worry about scheduling your exam date. On test day, make sure you manage your time properly, read test questions closely, and, above all, stay relaxed, and you'll increase your chances of earning a higher score.

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The Test of Essential Academic Skills, or TEAS, is an entrance exam offered by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). Keep reading to find out more about this important exam and how you can prepare for it.

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