How Many Questions Are on the TEAS Test?


Number of Questions on the TEAS

The TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) assesses an individual's math, science, reading and English language usage skills. The TEAS exam has a total of 170 multiple-choice questions covering these content areas.

Individuals are given 209 minutes, or 3 hours 29 minutes, to complete this evaluation. The objective of the TEAS exam is to ensure that individuals pursuing postsecondary training in nursing or a related allied healthcare program have the basic skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their studies.

Number of Questions on the TEAS Subtests

There are 4 subtests that make up the TEAS exam.

English and Language Usage

This is the shortest TEAS subtest, with just 28 multiple-choice questions. Test-takers receive 28 minutes to answer them. This subtest looks at a test-taker's ability to use English properly and follow English language rules. Vocabulary skills are also tested.

Mathematics Subtest

Test-takers receive 54 minutes to answer 36 multiple-choice questions on the mathematics subtest. Individuals taking this subtest will need to be able to demonstrate the ability to work with measurements and algebraic equations.

Science Subtest

The science subtest contains 53 questions. These questions are also presented in multiple-choice format. Test-takers are given 63 minutes to complete this part of the TEAS exam, which measures their knowledge of key content areas, such as anatomy and physiology. There are also questions focused on evaluating a test-taker's knowledge of physical sciences, life sciences and scientific reasoning.

Reading Subtest

The reading subtest has the same number of questions as the science subtest. Individuals receive 64 minutes to answer 53 multiple-choice questions. Individuals will need to be able to identify the theme and focus of passages of writing.

TEAS Score Requirements

The number of questions a test-taker answers correctly is adjusted and presented as a percentage score. Individuals will receive an overall percentage score, as well as a percentage score for each of the subtests.

The specific score requirements needed for admission to postsecondary programs may vary. For example, some schools expect individuals to earn an overall score of 66%. Others have specific subtest score requirements and expect applicants to have no less than 45.8% on the science subtest, a score of 60% or more on the English subtest, at least 63.3% on the math subtest and a minimum reading score of 69%.

Individuals who are required to take the TEAS for admission to a health sciences program should check on the passing score requirements for the postsecondary institutions they are applying to.

TEAS Test Resources

In order to prepare for the TEAS, it is a good idea to thoroughly review information that you will be tested on. One way to do this is to take advantage of this TEAS Test Study Guide, which is a self-paced course that includes over 200 lessons covering all the information on the TEAS exam. Individuals can work on these lessons at their convenience. They are accessible via smart phone or computer.

Test-takers can also access this lesson on Strategy for Multiple-Choice Questions to familiarize themselves with this type of question format and learn how to answer questions quickly and accurately.

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The Test of Essential Academic Skills, or TEAS, is an entrance exam offered by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). Keep reading to find out more about this important exam and how you can prepare for it.

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