How Much Does the Accuplacer Test Cost?


How much is the Accuplacer?

Accuplacer test cost varies because each institution determines the fees associated. Some schools allow students to take the tests for free if testing for the first time. Other institutions charge students a flat fee ranging from around $10 to $40 for as many tests as the student takes.

The Accuplacer test was developed by The College Board and administered on school campuses. The organization does not set a testing fee for the Accuplacer. Instead, each educational institution is able to determine the fee for the tests, regardless of how many sections they take. These costs may be higher for students who take the exam at a school other than the one at which they plan on enrolling. You will need to check with your educational institution for its fee schedule, and testing procedures.

What is the Accuplacer?

Accuplacer tests are used by universities to determine a student's relative readiness for college courses. Some may require additional help before entering beginning college level courses while others may be ready for more advanced coursework right off the bat. Some colleges and universities require Accuplacer tests as part of the registration process for students. Your educational institution will utilize your results to identify which course levels are suitable for you. Institutions are even allowed to customize the Accuplacer tests to take into account a student's course load, GPA, and learning strategies.

The Accuplacer tests available are:

  • Reading
  • Arithmetic
  • Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics
  • Writing (focuses on editing skills)
  • WritePlacer Essay (focuses on writing composition skills)

If English is not your first language, there are these English as a Second Language (ESL) Accuplacer tests available:

  • ESL Language Use Test
  • ESL Listening Test
  • ESL Reading Skills Test
  • ESL Sentence Meaning Test

How do I pay for the Accuplacer?

Some schools allow you to pay the Accuplacer cost prior to testing. Check if your school's business office will accept advance payments and what the acceptable payment forms are. If paying in advance, your school may accept a credit card, money order, personal check, or cash. Remember to have your receipt with you on the day of the test. In contrast, some schools require that students to register and pay the testing fee online. Your payment may be nonrefundable, even if you cancel your selected testing date. Check with your school on its cancellation policy.

What other costs are associated with the Accuplacer?

Any other costs associated with the Accuplacer tests are entirely optional. You can choose to purchase test prep materials, including study guides, sample questions, and math or reading tutorials. If you choose to take an Accuplacer test on campus but you are not located nearby, you must factor in your trip costs, such as gas and lodging, as well.

What is the best online Accuplacer test prep provider?

There are many private, online test prep providers you can choose from. offers a wealth of online test preparation materials for reading, writing, math, and English language Accuplacer tests. These test prep materials offer convenience, as they can be viewed from your mobile device and completed at any time. The guides listed below are just a sampling of the Accuplacer study aids available.

Other test prep options

The College Board offers numerous study aids, all of which are free to you. Sample questions are available for the Next Generation Accuplacer reading and writing tests in addition to each of the math exams: arithmetic; quantitative reasoning, algebra and statistics; and advanced algebra and functions. Along with providing the correct answers, these resources give an explanation of why those answers are the best choice.

ACCUPLACER tests are used as assessment tools for college placement, and you have multiple study options to help you pass these tests. You can sign up for study programs and find online resources to help you learn what's on the tests. You can also utilize technology so that you have flexibility in your study schedule. Read on to learn more.

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