How Much Does the MTEL Cost?

Typical MTEL Test Cost

All individuals pursuing teacher certification in the state of Massachusetts must take Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL). Most of these exams have a fee of $139. This cost applies to the following MTEL exams:

Academically Advanced French Music
Adult Basic Education General Science Physical Education
Biology German Physics
Business Health/Family and Consumer Science Political Science/Political Philosophy
Chemistry History Portuguese
Chinese (Mandarin) Italian Reading Specialist
Dance Latin and Classical Humanities Russian
Early Childhood Mathematics (Elementary) Spanish
Earth Science Mathematics (Middle School) Speech
English Mathematics (Secondary) Technology/Engineering
English as a Second Language Mathematics/Science (Middle School) Theater
Foundations of Reading Middle School Humanities Visual Arts

MTEL Tests with Different Fees

There are a few MTEL exams that are not offered for $139. Often, these tests contain subtests. You can confirm the test cost for the MTEL exam you need to take by accessing the specific test's information page on the MTEL website.

Communication and Literacy Skills Test

The communication and literacy skills MTEL exam includes a reading subtest and a writing subtest. Individuals who take both subtests together pay a total test cost of $112. If the subtests are taken separately, then individuals need to pay the rate for each subtest:

  • Reading: $76
  • Writing: $85

General Curriculum Test

The general curriculum MTEL exam has a mathematics subtest and a multi-subject subtest. Both subtests cost $94 if they are taken separately. When individuals take both subtests together, the fee is $139.

Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test

The vocational technical literacy skills test contains both a reading and writing subtest. The fees are the same as those charged for the communication and literacy skills test. When individuals take both subtests together the cost is $112. Separately, the subtest costs are:

  • Reading: $76
  • Writing: $85

Sheltered English Immersion

This MTEL exam does not have subtests, but it does charge a different rate. The cost for this exam is $166.

Paying for MTEL Exams

The MTEL website has a user account system that all individuals taking MTEL exams must use to register. Test-takers can log in and register for their MTEL exam and pay the test fees through their account. Bank cards, check cards and credit cards with VISA or MasterCard logos can be used to pay test fees. Individuals can also pay by voucher.

Individuals who do not have an accepted bank, credit or check card can contact MTEL evaluation systems and make arrangements to pay with a check.

MTEL Study Resources

Before you schedule your MTEL exam, take advantage of reputable study materials that will help you thoroughly review all the information on your test. Each course in this collection of MTEL Study Guides contains hundreds of self-paced lessons that you can access online to guide your study process. Studying enough to pass your exam the first time will save you money because you will not need to pay for a retake. Just a few of the available study guides are listed below:

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You can do many things to improve your chances of passing MTEL exams. While studying test information is an important factor, there are also other preparation steps that are explained here to help you succeed on exam day.

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