How Much Does The Praxis Cost?

Costs to Take the Praxis Tests

Praxis test fees vary widely, with the least expensive Praxis tests costing $50 and the most expensive reaching up to $210. Some factors that affect price include the length and type of the test. Some of the longer Praxis tests are comprised of subtests that can be expensive when taken separately. Applicants can save money by taking subtests together. Nevada also adds a surcharge to the regular cost of each test, and there are additional costs for some test-related services.

Praxis 1 Exam Costs

The Praxis 1 is also known as the Praxis Core. The Praxis Core is comprised of three subtests that are used to assess an applicant's basic reading, writing and mathematics skills. These three subtests cost $90 each when taken separately. Applicants who take all three tests at the same time pay a single fee of $150.

Praxis 2 Exam Costs

Praxis 2 exams evaluate potential teachers' knowledge of their teaching area. These tests can be used to qualify teachers to teach certain subjects and work with a specific grade level or student population.

Content Area Tests

These tests are often used to qualify educators to teach their chosen subject. Many of these exams consist only of multiple-choice questions and typically cost $120. These tests include:

Pre-Kindergarten Education Algebra I
Technology Education Theater
World and U.S. History: Content Knowledge Economics
Speech-Language Pathology Sociology
Social Studies: Content Knowledge Computer Science

Tests with one or more constructed-response questions cost $146. These include:

Middle School Social Studies Art: Content and Analysis
Physical Education: Content and Design Teaching Reading
World Languages Pedagogy Braille Proficiency
Social Studies: Content and Interpretation Reading Specialist
Education of Young Children English Language Arts: Content and Analysis

State-Specific Tests

Pennsylvania and Virginia have their own assessment tests that are used to qualify teachers. Pennsylania's $50 tests include:

  • PA Grades 4-8 Core Assessment: Pedagogy
  • PA Grades 4-8 Core Assessment: English Language Arts and Social Studies
  • PA Grades 4-8 Core Assessment: Mathematics and Science

These Pennsylvania exams cost $75 each:

  • PA Grades 4-8 Subject Concentration: English Language Arts
  • PA Grades 4-8 Subject Concentration: Mathematics
  • PA Grades 4-8 Subject Concentration: Science
  • PA Grades 4-8 Subject Concentration: Social Studies

The PA Grades 4-6 Core Assessment costs $140.

The Reading for Virginia Educators (RVE): Reading Specialist and Reading for Virginia Educators (RVE): Elementary and Special Education tests each cost $130.

Special Education Tests

The Special Education: Core Knowledge and Mild to Moderate Applications and the Special Education: Core Knowledge and Severe to Profound Applications exams each cost $146.

All other special education Praxis tests are $120.

World Languages Tests

The World Language tests for Spanish, French, German and Chinese (Mandarin) each cost $160.

Multiple-Subjects Tests

Four subtests covering mathematics, science, social studies and reading and language arts make up the Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects test. To take all four subtests at the same time costs $170. Examinees who opt to take each subtest separately will pay $60 per subtest.

PLT Tests

The Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) tests for early childhood, grades K-6, grades 5-9 and grades 7-12 each cost $146.

CKT Tests

Content Knowledge for Teaching tests are used to qualify elementary teachers to teach specific subjects. The prices range from $60 to $210.

The Elementary Education: Science CKT (7804 & 7904) and Elementary Education: Social Studies CKT (7805 & 7905) cost $60.

The Elementary Education: Reading and Language Arts CKT and Elementary Education: Mathematics CKT both cost $74.

For $79 applicants can take the Elementary Education: Reading and Language Arts - Applied CKT and Elementary Education: Mathematics - Applied CKT Praxis tests.

The fee to take the Elementary Education: Content Knowledge for Teaching Praxis is $199, while the Elementary Education: Applied Content Knowledge for Teaching costs $210.

Additional Charges

Nevada has an additional charge added to the cost of each Praxis test except for the Praxis Core. Test fees in this state are $5 higher than the regular test price.

Additional fees apply when individuals want to change their test date, take their test at a different location or register over the phone. Changing the date or location costs $40. The charge for registering over the phone is $35. There is also a charge of $50 per report to receive additional copies of your test scores.

Individuals who wish to have their scores reviewed must also pay an additional fee.

Fee Exemptions

Some applicants can qualify for a waiver so they don't have to pay any test fees to take their Praxis exams. Those who qualify can use the waiver to be exempt from the fees for one Praxis 2 assessment or all three of the Praxis Core tests.

Factors considered for fee waiver eligibility include income. Applicants must also be pursuing their undergraduate or graduate degree and be current recipients of financial aid. Learn more by referring to The Praxis Tests Information Bulletin online at

Test Preparation Materials

Ensure that you are ready to pass your Praxis test by using study guides to review relevant content for your exam. Access study resources for dozens of subject assessments through these Praxis Study Guides. You can also find test-prep resources for the Praxis Core:

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