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I have passed the course! What do I do next?

Congratulations! Once you have passed a course, you are ready to earn credit. There are different options depending on the course. You can read about those different options and learn how to earn credit here

If you do not wish to earn credit, you can simply move on to the next course. Click here to check out our course library and select the next one to start.

How do I earn transferable college credit?'s College Accelerator is an alternative credit program that gives you the ability to take credit-recommended college courses and earn transferable college credit. Like AP tests or CLEP exams, College Accelerator prepares students for a final college exam, so students can test out of general education requirements and transfer credit to over 2,000 colleges and universities.

Here are the steps for transferring online college credit:

  1. Choose a credit-recommended course.
  2. Find a school or university that accepts ACE or NCCRS credits.

Tip: We recommend you check with the Registrar's office for your school of choice to ensure that they will accept your ACE or NCCRS credits.

  1. Learn college material by watching fun videos and taking quizzes.
  2. Earn transferable college credit by passing a final exam from the comfort of your own home.
  3. Transfer college credit to the accredited school of your choice.
  4. Get credit for the same college course at a fraction of the price.

You can see a list of ACE accepting schools here:

You can see a list of NCCRS accepting schools here:

We always recommend checking with your school to verify they plan to accept ACE credits for your specific purposes.

This plan is $199.99 per month and includes all testing fees for 2 exams per billing period. Additional exams can be purchased for $70 per exam if you wish to take more than 2 per billing period.

We have AP, CLEP, UExcel, and DSST courses that are all designed to prepare you for a credit granting exam. Each organization (College Board, Excelsior, Dantes) has their own set of credit-granting exams and testing procedures. You need to pass the credit-granting exam associated with our course in order to earn college credit. More information on these exam policies and our associated courses can be found here.

To earn credit from our college courses, you need to complete the entire course (by achieving at least an 80% on every quiz) and have an accumulative course (quiz scores, essay scores, project score) score of over 70%. The proctored final exams are only available in our College Accelerator Edition. If you do not have a College Accelerator Edition, you can upgrade your membership at any time by clicking 'Membership and Billing' link within the Profile section of your Dashboard.

Do I get college credit/a certificate/ a diploma for completing one of your courses? courses, by themselves, do not grant credit. Our courses are designed to help you study for credit-granting exams (CLEP, DSST, AP, UExcel/Excelsiorm, and ACE ) that are accepted for transfer by many colleges and universities. You can read about that process here:

If you decide to take a credit-granting exam, check to see whether our course is 100% complete. If not, we recommend using other study sources to supplement our videos.

I'm not enrolled in school. Can I still earn college credit?

Yes. You can take a credit-granting exam and earn college credit even if you are not currently enrolled in school. In fact, credit-by-exam is a great way to complete your general education requirements before starting a degree program. You can also use our courses to check out a subject you are considering as a major. Although widely transferable, not all schools accept this credit, so we recommend checking first with the school you plan on attending before taking any exam.

Can high school students earn college credit?

Yes. High school students can use our courses to test out of general education requirements and earn college credit that is transferable to thousands of colleges and universities. Talk to a college advisor to find out if credit-by-exam is accepted at the college you plan on attending.

Has anyone actually earned college credit with

We've been amazed at how successful students have been at using our College Accelerator Edition to earn college credit. Because our courses are self-paced, students have reported that the entire process of studying and taking the credit-granting exam took less than two weeks. Students have also reported saving thousands of dollars off their tuition and successfully transferring credits to their college. You can read about a few of our success stories here.

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