How To Get a GED in Ohio

Getting a GED in Ohio

The General Education Development diploma is awarded to students who successfully take the GED tests required by their state. Like most states, Ohio uses the four standard tests for mathematics, science, social studies and reasoning through language arts. Ohio guidelines can determine if you are eligible to take your GED exams in Ohio so understanding the state policies is important if you plan to pursue your GED there.

Age Requirements & Exceptions

Like many states, you must be at least 18 years of age to take the GED in Ohio, provided the applicant fulfills the other standard requirements.

16- and 17-year-old applicants may be eligible to take the GED exams. They need to present permission from a parent or other legal authority, such as a guardian. Permission needs to be given in writing on a consent form. It must be notarized. The consent form must be submitted to the state's High School Equivalency Office. They must also meet the other state requirements.

Educational Status

All individuals taking the GED must have formally withdrawn from school. They need to have a withdrawal form, and it must be signed by an authorized school official. The form must also be sent to the state's High School Equivalency Office.

Test Preparation

Ohio does not require GED applicants to take a preparation course.They do not have to take or pass the GED practice test either.

Residency Requirements

Only residents of Ohio can take the GED exams there. You may be required to establish residency with an accepted form of identification, such as a state-issued driver's license.

Ohio Test Costs

Ohio charges $30 per GED test like many other states. The total minimum testing cost in Ohio is $120.

Retake Costs & Policies

There is a $10 fee to retake any GED exam as long as the examinee retakes the tests within 365 days of their first attempt. This applies to the first or second time a person attempts to retake the test. After a third attempt, the individual must pay the full $30 fee to take the test again.

If an individual wants or needs to retake a GED test, they may do so immediately. This applies to their first two retake attempts. After the third time a person takes a test, they must observe a waiting period. After 60 days from the date of their third attempt, they are eligible to take the test a fourth time.

Ohio Diploma & GED Scores

Those who pass the GED in Ohio will receive an Ohio High School Equivalence Diploma.

A passing score on the GED is 145 on each of the 4 exams. This means that they have fulfilled the high school equivalency requirements of the GED.

There can be additional perks to receiving higher scores on the GED.

Scores of 165 or more on the tests will result in the applicant receiving a GED College Ready score. This can facilitate an applicant's acceptance to college, and in some cases, they may be exempt from taking placement tests.

GED College Ready + Credit scores are issued to those individuals who score 175 or more on the GED exams. Earning these can qualify individuals for up to 10 college credits. This is at the discretion of the postsecondary institution the person plans to attend.

GED Study Tools

You can increase your chances of success on the GED exams by taking advantage of an all-inclusive GED Study Guide that can be accessed online. If you're interested in getting prepared for individual subjects, the following courses can assist you in your endeavors:

GED stands for the General Educational Development tests. These exams are taken by individuals who did not earn a high school diploma and cover four main subject areas. The successful completion of these tests provides the same benefits as graduating high school. Read on to learn more.

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