How To Get a New GED Certificate


I Lost My GED. How Do I Get a Copy?

GED holders who need a new copy of their diploma because they have misplaced or damaged it need not worry, as they will be able to request a duplicate copy of their diploma or transcript. Several organizations provide copies of GED credentials; however, which one individuals should use depends on where they lived when they initially earned their GED. Some states require that residents submit a request for a duplicate to the Department of Education, while others utilize a third-party provider like Parchment or DiplomaSender for requests.

State-Based Copy Requests

Requesting a duplicate copy of a GED diploma or transcript through the state is a fairly straightforward process. It typically requires individuals to fill out a form and submit it online or through the mail to the state's department of education or the office overseeing its GED testing program. The fee can range anywhere from $4 to $15 dollars, though some states issue one duplicate copy per person for free. Cashier's checks, money orders and credit cards are the accepted forms of payment.

New York, for instance, is one of the states that requires residents to submit their requests directly to the state Department of Education. Residents must complete a form requesting a duplicate copy of their high school equivalency diploma and/or transcript. They will also need to pay $4 for a transcript and $10 for both a diploma and transcript. Individuals have the option to apply in-person for a copy of their GED at the state's High School Equivalency office as well.

Georgia is another example of a state that handles GED requests. Residents can request a copy via mail, online, or in-person at the GED Testing Program office in Atlanta. The process involves completing a request form and requires a $15 fee for each duplicate diploma or transcript requested.

Third-Party Provider Requests

Some states prefer to outsource diploma and transcript requests to a third-party provider. Two of the most commonly used providers are highlighted below, as well as their application process and any associated fees.


Several states utilize Parchment to handle requests for copies of GED transcripts and diplomas. Parchment provides individuals with a digital copy of their GED transcript or diploma. Individuals will need to visit the GED Testing Service website and log into their account. Once logged in, they can request whatever copies they need. It should be noted that individuals who earned their GED prior to 2014 will need to create a new account on the GED Testing Service website. They will then be able to request copies after they have an account.

Parchment provides a listing of all the states and jurisdictions that utilize its services. Individuals can visit the website, navigate to the GED Help Center and click on ''How it Works'' to access this information.


DiplomaSender is a provider that is very similar to Parchment. Ohio and West Virginia are two of the states that utilize DiplomaSender for diploma and transcript requests.

Individuals in need of a duplicate diploma or transcript need to register for an account on the DiplomaSender website. Once they have an account, individuals can request copies of their credentials and look at their GED scores. Individuals typically need to pay $15 each for a diploma or transcript. They can choose to have their copy sent via email, mail, or fax.

Resources for Obtaining a GED

Individuals may find the articles below helpful in obtaining a new copy of their GED or even preparing to take the test:

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