How to Get an AP Exam Fee Waiver

How much do AP exams cost?

The AP exam cost for most tests that are administered during the 2019-2020 school year is $94. The cost for the AP Seminar and AP Research exams is $142. Schools may also charge fees to cover expenses related to exam proctoring. Some factors, such as registering late for the AP exam or taking the test out of the U.S., can increase the fee charged for the exam. While doing well on AP exams can be an affordable way to earn college credit, exam fees can potentially add up, especially for students who are taking multiple tests.

How can I get an AP test fee waiver?

To get an AP test fee waiver, speak to the AP coordinator at your school, as this is the person who will order the tests that are taken. You might be asked to provide them with documentation in order to verify that you fall into one of the categories of students who qualify for waivers, as outlined below. If you're not sure who the AP Coordinator is, you can ask the teacher of your AP class or your school counselor to point you in the right direction.

Who qualifies for an AP exam fee waiver?

The College Board offers an exam fee waiver of $32 per test for students who meet stated criteria. Your school is also expected to waive its $9 rebate, so if you qualify for the fee waiver, your cost for most AP exams will be $53. Examples of criteria that may indicate a student is eligible for a fee waiver include the following:

  • Their family income is below 185% of the federal poverty line
  • The student is in foster care, homeless, or a migrant
  • The student lives in a household that receives food stamps or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
  • The student's family receives food distribution on Indian Reservation benefits
  • The student participates in federal TRIO programs or other programs designed to help low-income students
  • The student is an orphan or ward of the state

When should I request an AP exam fee waiver?

It's best to talk to your AP coordinator or teacher as early as you can. The deadline for AP coordinators to submit these fee waiver requests for the 2019-2020 school year is April 30, 2020. You'll want to look into these arrangements well before that deadline, especially since you need to make your decision as to whether you will be taking the AP exam much earlier in the school year to avoid paying late fees. The ordering deadline is either November 15, 2019 or March 13, 2020, depending on when your AP course starts.

Additional Aid Options

Some states offer additional subsidies to help low-income students afford taking AP exams. Depending on the state, the subsidy can bring the AP exam fee down to $0. Some individual school districts also provide support for AP exam fees.

Earning AP Credit for a College Degree

While individual academic institutions select which AP exams and scores to accept, a score of 3, 4, or 5 on an AP exam can qualify students for around three hours of transferable credit at most colleges and universities.

Earning college credit while still in high school can help reduce students' tuition and help them graduate on time, or possibly early. The educators at have designed a series of AP prep courses written specifically with this goal in mind. The self-paced courses include short video lessons and practice tests to assess students' understanding of exam material. Course offerings include:

Humanities*English Language
*English Literature
*Music Theory
*Spanish Language and Culture
*Art History
Mathematics*Calculus AB
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*Environmental Science
*Physics 1
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*Physics C - Mechanics
Social Sciences*Psychology
*Comparative Government & Politics
*U.S. History
*World History
*European History
*Human Geography
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Many colleges grant credit or advanced placement to students with qualifying AP Exam scores. Read on to find out when AP Exams are offered and get information about exam costs and preparation.

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