How to Pass a Psychology Test

Instructor: Fola Rae
If you want to pass your psychology test, there are a number of learning and study strategies that can help you stay on top of what you will learn in class. Read on to get some tips and find out about study aids to use in conjunction with your class materials.

Studying for and Passing Your Psychology Tests

To pass psychology, you'll need to have a good understanding of the topics covered in class and an ability to apply what you've learned when you take tests. Keep the following study tips in mind to help you survive, enjoy and pass psychology:

  • Lay a Foundation for the Topic. You can give yourself an edge by looking over books and articles about psychology and how the study of it came about. Getting an overview of the subject prior to class can enhance your learning experience as the professor explains psychology concepts and research methods.
  • Make Connections to Real Experiences. You may find it beneficial to see if you can take the topic you've learned about and relate it to something you've experienced. This technique can make it easier to jog your memory of the material when it comes time to study for exams.
  • Personalize Your Class Notes. When you take notes in class, try to write down the information from your professor's lecture in a way that makes it easier for you to understand important theories and concepts. You might try jotting down the examples provided or putting key terms in your own words. Putting your personal touch on the material can help you when the time comes to review and memorize it.
  • Take a Look at Notes Periodically. Taking a little time to read your notes at intervals as you add to the information from the first weeks of class may help you with retention and understanding. You might decide to take the first couple weeks of notes and look them over, and then look over four weeks worth of notes a short time later, and so on. They key is to avoid cramming before test day.
  • Get a Study Buddy or Two. Creating a study group can give you a chance to discuss what you learned in class with other students. You can also review what you learned while completing reading assignments, and it's a good way to keep studying regularly.
  • Review the Information to Remember It. The exams you take in a psychology class could include multiple-choice questions requiring you to recall key terms or definitions. You will want to review thoroughly so that you can remember these concepts and be able to spot and eliminate the answers that are close to the correct answer but not the best choice.
  • Get in the Right Mindset. Test anxiety can have a negative impact on your performance. As test day approaches, try to avoid negative thoughts and have confidence in your test preparations. For more tips on reducing test-day jitters, check out this lesson on Overcoming Test Anxiety.

Psychology Study Resources

If you're looking for resources to help you review material covered in class, offers complete psychology courses that cover many of the same theories and concepts. Each of the following courses includes self-paced video lessons that can be used to break your study time into manageable review sessions or focus on the topics you want to study. You can also take quizzes and practice tests whenever you want in order to determine when you're ready for your exam. Check out the following resources: