How to Pass Multiple Choice Tests

Instructor: Shelby Golden
Improve your ability to successfully pass multiple choice tests with this article. You'll get information about how to master these types of questions, so you're ready for your next test.

Focus on Details

Many multiple choice questions focus on testing your memory of facts and details. Because specific facts can be harder to remember, you are more likely to successfully answer these questions if you study over a period of several days, instead of trying to cram the night before your test. Consider making flashcards that can help you quickly go over important facts that might appear on your test.

Taking the time to make tables can also help you out, especially if your test deals with processes that involve multiple steps. Make sure you're confident that you understand the order of these steps, so that if you're asked to identify them in the correct order or if you need to utilize them to pick the right answer, you're ready.

Go Over Vocabulary

Make sure you pay attention to any vocabulary words your instructor mentions in class, as well as any that appear in your textbook. You can usually find key vocabulary words in chapter summaries throughout your textbook. You should double-check your understanding of these terms, as your instructor might include them on the exam without the exact definition that appeared in your book.

Take Your Time

Don't rush through your test on the big day. Instead, be sure that you cover up the answers and read each question first, trying to determine what the right answer is on your own. If you look at a question and its answers all together, you may jump too soon and pick the wrong answer. Using the previously mentioned approach can help you choose the best answer that matches your initial thoughts.

If you're still having trouble picking out the right answers after all of your studying, keep in mind that there are very few correct answers that use the words 'always' or 'never'. Similarly, 'none of the above' isn't usually going to be the correct choice. And you probably aren't going to be right if you pick a funny answer. The questions themselves might also help you out. See if any of the answers include the same terms as the question; if they do, they might be the answer you're looking for.

Finally, if you're still stumped, go for 'b' or 'c'. These are slightly more likely to be the right answer than your other options, with 'a' being the least likely to be correct.

Improve Your Ability to Answer Questions

You can further build up your ability to answer multiple choice questions with these lessons on multiple choice question strategies and common flaws on multiple choice questions. These lessons are a great way to go over what you need to know about these types of tests to increase your chances of passing.

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