How to Pass the ACCUPLACER Test


Sign Up for an Online Study Program

Pearson Education offers an ACCUPLACER online study program that is interactive, adaptive and provides targeted guidance. You will receive course material and study information that depends on how well you are progressing in the course. This allows you to focus on the material in which you need the most help. You get feedback and guidance as you work through the program, which will help you understand the material as it's presented.

You can also find companies that offer online prep courses. While ACCUPLACER may not endorse these programs, they can also provide study guides and practice tests.

Know What Material You Will Be Tested On

Each ACCUPLACER exam tests a different topic, and knowing what topics are tested will help you direct your studies for that particular exam. An overview of the student ACCUPLACER exams is given below.

ExamQuestion Topics
ArithmeticWhole numbers and fractions, decimals and percents, problem solving
College-Level MathAlgebra, solution of equations, inequalities, geometry, functions and trigonometry
Elementary AlgebraIntegers and rational numbers, algebraic expressions, solving linear and quadratic equations, inequalities and word problems
Reading ComprehensionQuestions ask you to understand the material, determine the important points and deduce ideas
Sentence SkillsSentence structure and logical arrangement
WritePlacer Essay-writing techniques, including organization, structure, thesis-building, support, and mechanics
ESL Language Grammar and sentence structures
ESL Listening Listening skills related to formal and informal speaking
ESL Reading Knowledge and comprehension of short reading excerpts
ESL Sentence Meaning Logic and meaning of sentences and sentence parts

Utilize Your Local College's Assistance

You can find workshops and reviews through your local college, which will likely be offered free of charge. These workshops can be found in varying lengths: instruction may be offered for 30 minutes or for a couple of hours.

Put Your Portable Devices to Use

ACCUPLACER has a free app available for download on both Apple and Android devices. You can access the study app on your home computer or your portable devices while away from home. With the app, you have access to interactive questions as well as exams. The app also provides rationales for all the answer choices, so you can understand both why answers are right and why they're wrong.

Search for Additional Online Study Resources

You can find lots of free study resources online for the ACCUPLACER tests. College websites are a good place to locate these resources, as many provide links to free question banks, study guides and practice exams. You can also find free online assessments to gauge where you need to start your study. also offers a number of topic-based courses that can help you prepare for the ACCUPLACER tests. Need help in math? Check out courses and lessons on arithmetic, word problems, college algebra, geometry and many other topics. Also, get help with reading comprehension and sentence structure.

Understand the Test Format

If you utilize the resources above, you will become quite familiar with the test format. Except for the WritePlacer, each test consists of multiple-choice questions. Questions will become more or less difficult depending on how you answer questions. All ACCUPLACER multiple-choice tests include 20 questions, except for the Arithmetic, and Elementary Algebra tests which have 17 and 12 questions respectively. The WritePlacer has you create a 300-600 word essay on a chosen topic.

The ACCUPLACER tests are not timed, which means that you have the time you need to put forth your best effort. Since these tests are used to place you in the appropriate class level, you will want to perform to your true ability.

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This article explains what the Accuplacer tests are, who takes them and how they are used. The different types of Accuplacer tests offered, their question formats and where individuals take the tests are also explored.

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