How to Pass the CSET Multiple Subject Test


Understand What the CSET Multiple Subjects Test Covers

When you know what your exam covers, you can prevent yourself from losing time reviewing irrelevant material. The CSET Multiple Subjects test guide available on the CTC exams website outlines the structure of the exam. You can also find detailed descriptions of the content domains covered in each of the 3 subtests, which will help you identify the specific skills and knowledge you must demonstrate in order to pass.

Multiple Subjects Subtest I

This subtest focuses on language arts and social studies. It is comprised of 52 multiple-choice questions and 4 constructed-response questions. You'll have 3 hours to complete this exam, and exactly half of the test is devoted to each subject area. The language arts section looks at reading, language and literature, while the social studies section concentrates on social sciences and history.

Multiple Subjects Subtest II

Like subtest I, this subtest gives you 3 hours to answer 4 constructed-response questions and 52 multiple-choice questions. The test is equally split into 2 parts that assess your knowledge and skills in science and mathematics.

Multiple Subjects Subtest III

This subtest covers human development, physical education and visual and performing arts, but it is the shortest of the 3 subtests. You'll be given 2 hours and 15 minutes to answer 13 multiple-choice questions and 1 constructed-response question.

Access Reputable Study Materials

When preparing for a certification exam, such as the CSET Multiple Subjects exam, it is important that you rely on study materials from reputable sources. The study guides linked to here are all designed to ensure that you focus on reviewing the correct information for each of the multiple subjects subtests. They also allow you to review material at your own pace.

Complete Sample Questions and Practice Tests

The preparation materials page for the CSET Multiple Subjects exam has sample questions for each of the 3 subtests. These sample questions can be used to help you identify what you will be tested on and get familiar with the wording used for test questions.

Practice tests for each of the multiple subjects subtests can also be accessed on the preparation materials page. The practice tests can be used to evaluate your performance before test day to see if you have prepared sufficiently.

Take the Computer-Based Testing Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how the computer-based testing system works so that you know what to expect. Taking this tutorial ahead of time will help ensure you are comfortable entering your answers and using the on-screen calculator so that you don't lose time figuring these things out on test day.

Review the Scanning and Hand-Draw Information

In some cases, you may need to produce a response by hand and scan your work into the computer so that it can be evaluated with your test answers. Reading the instructions and watching the informational video before your test day is a good idea because it can help you complete these tasks as quickly as possible when you finally sit for the test.

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