How to Pass the FSA Reading Test


Passing the FSA Reading Test

Each year, Florida students in grades 3-10 must take the FSA Reading test in order to measure their abilities in the areas of English Language Arts and mathematics. To pass the FSA Reading exam, there are a few strategies that students can use as they prepare.

Learn About the Test

Before going into an FSA exam, it is helpful to be familiar with what types of questions will appear on the exam and what type of content they will cover.

Test Content: The FSA Reading exam will include 6-8 passages that students will read and then respond to questions based on those readings. Students will encounter both informational and literary passages. As students get older, they will be asked to read more informational passages than literary ones. Additionally, students will be asked to read an essay that contains various grammatical errors and correct them according to their grade level.

The exam tests students on their mastery of key ideas and details, craft and structure, the integration of knowledge and ideas, and language and editing.

Test Format: Students who take the FSA Reading test in grades 3, 4, and 5 will have a total of two 80-minute sessions in order to complete the exam content. In grades 6, 7, and 8, students will have two 85-minute sessions, and in grades 9 and 10 the exam is extended to two 90-minute sessions.

From grades 3 through 6, students will take the exam on paper and then begin taking the exam on a computer in grade 7.

Help Your Student Practice Reading

Additionally, students and their parents may want to focus on employing some general strategies to improve reading ability. One way of improving reading ability is simply to increase the amount of reading material that a student is exposed to in order to improve reading stamina. It is also key that students read a variety of different types of material, including content that is not particularly relevant to them so they can develop their ability to stay focused and retain information even if they do not find it interesting. Parents who are helping their students prepare for the exam can read the same material and prepare practice questions based on the reading to help students gain experience answering reading comprehension questions.

Consider Using Study Resources

In order to study effectively for this test, students may first want to check out some of the practice tests that are available from the FSA organization. These tests can help students become more familiar with the exam content.

Test takers may also want to consider enrolling in a course designed specifically for the FSA English Language Arts exam. offers several courses for students in grades 6-10 who are preparing for these exams. These ELA prep courses consist of video lessons, practice questions, and flashcards to help students study for the test.

Younger students may want to consider enrolling in the Master English Language Arts for Kids, also created by

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Knowing what to expect on test day is the first step toward success on an FSA exam. Keep reading to find out where you can get tips on test formatting and content, essay scoring, training tests, and more.

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