How To Pass The GACE Test

Preparing to Pass the GACE

There are many steps you can take to improve your chances of success when taking the GACE exams. Using preparation resources and employing good study habits will ensure that you're ready to pass your test.

Preparation Resources

There are a wide range of resources you can use to familiarize yourself with test day procedures, test question formats, test tools and relevant content before you take your GACE exam.

GACE Preparation Classes

Preparation classes and tutoring are available online. It is also possible to access on-site courses or schedule private tutoring sessions in person.

This collection of self-paced GACE study courses can prepare applicants through multiple video lessons covering material that will be on their GACE tests. Practice quizzes and tests are also included.


There are live and pre-recorded webinars on the GACE website ( that cover a lot of information about GACE exams, including study tips. If you have a hard time organizing your study schedule and are wondering what type of material may be covered on your test, the webinars could prove to be a valuable resource. Webinars also explain the registration process and provide test-taking tips.

Practice Tests

Interactive Practice Tests (IPTs) include questions that are comparable to what will be on your actual exam. IPTs allow individuals to familiarize themselves with the general test length, question formats and information covered. IPTs are available for purchase on the GACE website.

Study Companions

The GACE is also home to Study Companions for GACE tests that outline the subject areas to be tested on your exam in addition to Tests at a Glance PDFs that include information about the duration and number of questions found on your particular test.

Test Videos

Test videos are also provided online so that individuals will have an idea of what to expect on test day. They cover information about the computer-based tests, as well as common question formats that are included on GACE exams.

Tutorials for Tools

When taking the GACE exam, you're not allowed to bring in your own calculator. An online calculator is provided. To learn how to use it, you can practice with an online tutorial offered on the GACE website.

Individuals taking foreign language tests may also need to use an alternate character toolbar that's provided at GACE testing sites. Tutorials for the French, German and Spanish versions of these alternate character toolbars are also available online.

Study Habits

No matter how many videos you watch, you still need to thoroughly review the information that will be covered on your GACE tests. Good study skills play an important role in ensuring success when taking these exams.

Consider Study Partners or Groups

It's important to recognize what type of study system works best for you, and if you benefit from interactive study opportunities with other people, it may be a good idea to join a study group or find a study partner. Some individuals work better in situations that require accountability. By teaming up with one or more people, you may be more motivated to thoroughly prepare for group study sessions than you would be to sit down and study alone.

Schedule Study Time

Don't make a guess about when to schedule your exam and assume you have enough time to study. Check your daily schedule and block out time for studying to ensure that you have enough time to prepare. Allow extra time for studying before your exam is scheduled so that unforeseen events, such as illness, don't compromise your ability to prepare thoroughly.

You can get tips for setting up a study plan with this lesson on Fitting Studying into a Busy Schedule.

Additional study strategies are provided in free PDFs available through the GACE website. Some of the topics covered include strategies for dealing with test anxiety and developing a study plan.

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