How to Pass the GED Math Test

Review Math Concepts

The GED Math test will assess your ability to perform basic arithmetic operations with whole numbers, rational numbers, decimals, fractions and percents. You'll also need an understanding of how geometry, probability, statistics and algebra can be used to solve real-world problems.

You should review the mathematical concepts associated with these areas to make sure you're ready to pass the exam. You have several options for going over this information:


If you have any old mathematics textbooks, you can read them and work on practice problems. Additionally, many bookstores sell guides designed to cover the information that appears on the GED Math exam. You might also be able to find these resources at your local library.

Practice Tests

The GED Testing Service offers practice tests through its website ( These tests can help you get an idea of the kinds of questions you will need to answer in order to pass the exam.

In Person Classes

Some school districts and community colleges offer GED prep courses. While these courses generally focus on all four GED tests, you'll get information about how to pass the math section.

Online Study Guides

You can check out to access a self-paced GED Math Study Guide. This course includes short video lessons that walk you step-by-step through the mathematical concepts that can appear on the GED Math test. You'll also be able to complete interactive quizzes to put your skills to the test. Plus, mathematics experts are available to answer any of your questions as you work on this study guide. also offers a GED Study Guide that covers all four of the GED exams if you find you need help with a different section of the test.

Understand the Calculator

On test day, you'll be required to answer the first five questions on your own, but you'll have access to an on-screen calculator during part two of the test. Make sure you understand how to use this type of calculator so you can get the most out of this tool at test time. Instructional videos are available on the GED Testing Service website.

Focus During the Test

You should carefully read your problems on test day, especially if they're word problems. Keep in mind that it's a good idea to try to answer the questions before you look at the answers; that way you won't get a wrong answer stuck in your head. Finally, remember that you won't be penalized for a wrong answer, so answer all of the questions. Even if you're guessing, there's a chance you'll get it right!

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GED stands for the General Educational Development tests. These exams are taken by individuals who did not earn a high school diploma and cover four main subject areas. The successful completion of these tests provides the same benefits as graduating high school. Read on to learn more.

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