How To Pass the GED Reading Test

Earning a Passing Score on the GED Reading Test

The 2014 version of the Reasoning Through Language Arts test combines the reading and writing skills assessments into one exam. It's the longest GED exam at 2.5 hours, and it is important to understand what skills the test will assess to prepare sufficiently for the reading component. It should also be noted that an individual's reading skills are assessed as part of the GED Science test as well.

Understand What the Test Covers

Individuals must be able to demonstrate that they can read and understand both informational texts and literature. Their reading skills must on par with the standards determined sufficient for entry into a career field or college.

Individuals will read texts of up to 900 words in length and be questioned to determine if they can draw logical conclusions from what that they've read.

Take Advantage of GED Classes

It is common for community colleges and other venues, such as high schools, to offer GED classes. Attending GED classes in person can help individuals who have been out of school for some time brush up on their reading skills and learn test-taking strategies specific to the different type of texts included on this part of the test.

In some cases, the classes are free and present an affordable test-prep option for individuals working towards their GEDs. Individuals will also be able to ask questions and gain direct feedback from instructors so that they can get help with any material they are having difficulty with.

If you'd prefer an online format, the GED Marketplace ( offers a GED Live Comprehensive course that covers all GED subject areas and provides 3 months of live and video archived classes, as well as access to a tutor who can answer questions related to the material.

There's also the GED Guided Study Bundle, which is a program that lasts 6 weeks and is designed to cover the essential information that you will be tested on when taking the Reasoning Through Language Arts test and other GED exams.

Use Study Materials

The GED Marketplace also offers the GED Ready practice test, which is designed by the people who created the GED exams. It is possible to take just the Reasoning Through Language Arts test, purchase all four practice exams or get the complete battery as part of the GED Guided Study Bundle. Taking the GED Ready test prior to scheduling your exam is a good idea because it is graded and you will receive feedback the same day. The test can help determine if you're ready to take the Reasoning Through Language Arts GED exam and pass.

There are a number of other resources individuals may opt to invest in that can be accessed through the GED Marketplace. Some schools also have GED prep resources in their library collections. These include:

  • Reading Through Language Arts for the GED
  • Essential Reading Skills
  • Common Core Achieve GED Exercise Book: Reading and Writing
  • Fast Forward Reading Basics
  • Workplace Essential Skills Reading DVD with Workbook

Another self-study option is this GED Reasoning Through Language Arts study guide. It features video lessons and practice quizzes that can be used to ensure you cover the appropriate material when studying for this exam. There's also this GED Study Guide that provides useful information about question types and can help you prepare for the remaining GED exams.

Find the Right Study Strategies

Some individuals benefit from having others to motivate them to study regularly. It's important to understand your study habits and preferences. If you need motivation from others, then it is a good idea to take a local GED class so that you can meet other individuals preparing for the same tests. Join study groups or find a study partner so that you are motivated to study regularly.

Using online practice tests and study materials can be beneficial if you work better alone or would rather prepare for the Reasoning Through Language Arts test at your own pace, though you might also find the recommended texts beneficial if you take a GED course online or in person.

Understand What Score Is Needed to Pass

The standard passing score on the GED exams is 145. Earning a score of 165 or more will result in a College Ready designation on your diploma. If you score 175 or higher, you will receive the College Ready + Credit designation.

GED stands for the General Educational Development tests. These exams are taken by individuals who did not earn a high school diploma and cover four main subject areas. The successful completion of these tests provides the same benefits as graduating high school. Read on to learn more.

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