How to Pass the GED Test


Passing the GED

The GED test is broken down into four subject tests. You can work on practicing all four of these subtests at once through the GED Testing Service's website ( This site also allows you to purchase practice tests that you can use to test your readiness for GED completion. You can also consider attending GED classes at local schools, which offer you in-person preparation for these exams.

Additionally, you can work on preparing for each subtest on an individual basis. Let's learn how to get ready for each of these GED subtests.

Reasoning Through Language Arts Test

This Reasoning Through Language Arts GED test is composed of two parts. The first will assess your understanding of written texts. It will ensure that you demonstrate a basic understanding of the English language. In the second, you will write an essay in response to an informational or literary text. You'll be assessed on effectively building an argument, writing clearly and using evidence.

Get Ready!

Check out this GED Reasoning Through Language Arts study guide to get ready for this subtest. This course provides you with short video lessons that go over what you need to know about reading comprehension and writing to successfully pass this GED subtest. The course is self-paced and offers you the option of studying whenever is convenient for you.

Mathematical Reasoning

The mathematical reasoning subtest will test your understanding of algebraic and quantitative mathematical concepts. The subtest has two parts. During the second test, you will be able to use a calculator, so make sure you know how to use the calculator you bring to the test!

Get Ready!

You can access this GED Math course for an easy and in-depth way to prepare for this subtest. You can complete lessons, interactive quizzes and tests that allow you to assess your ability to solve mathematics problems.


The GED science subtest will gauge your understanding of earth and space, physical science and life science. You will be able to use a calculator for this test. You should also be prepared to correctly answer 2 short answer questions.

Get Ready!

Use this GED Science course to get ready to master this subtest. You can check out lessons that deal with the scientific concepts you need to be familiar with, and test your knowledge with quizzes and tests. You can also contact science experts with any questions you have.

Social Studies

Your GED social studies subtest will include questions that deal with geography, economics, U.S. history, and civics and government. You'll have access to your calculator if you need it. You'll also be required to complete a single essay for this subtest.

Get Ready!

Prepare to master this subtest with this GED Social Studies course. These lessons go over all the social studies topics you need to know, offer interactive quizzes and provide the help you need from experts in this field.

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GED stands for the General Educational Development tests. These exams are taken by individuals who did not earn a high school diploma and cover four main subject areas. The successful completion of these tests provides the same benefits as graduating high school. Read on to learn more.

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