How To Pass the Language Arts GED Test


Earning a Passing Score on the GED Language Arts Test

There are a number of strategies that can help you prepare to pass your language arts GED exam. Understanding the test and what it covers, as well as being familiar with the question formats, can help you approach the test with confidence. Sufficiently reviewing the correct material is also important. Some useful study resources and tips for doing just that are outlined below.

What Types of Study Resources Are Available?

When you're preparing for your language arts GED exam, you have several resources available to help familiarize you with test content, which includes selected-response questions that measure your reading comprehension and grammar skills in addition to an essay prompt that measures your ability to develop clear points and support your position with evidence from a text.

Take Advantage of College Resources

Some colleges provide sample reading test questions and essay prompts. Using these types of resources is one way to get comfortable with the question formats you can expect to see on your language arts exam. They will also help you understand the reading and writing skills that are needed to pass the language arts test.

Use GED Ready

GED Ready is an approved practice test that is used to help individuals determine if they are ready to pass their GED exam. It only costs $6 to take, and you do not need to purchase all 4 GED Ready practice tests; you can choose to only purchase the GED Ready language arts test. You can register and pay for this test online ( Individuals who take this practice test will get their grade the same day that they took the test. They will also get an assessment of their score that highlights the areas of the test where they can improve and provides them with study materials focusing on those areas.

Take a GED Class

If you have been out of school for a while, you may benefit from taking GED courses to prepare for your exams. Courses are available online through the GED Marketplace ( When you register for a MyGED account, you can also access a tool that will help you locate nearby GED courses (

Some colleges and high schools offer standard and advanced GED preparation courses devoted to language arts topics like grammar, mechanics, reading comprehension and essay writing.

Consider Self-Paced Study Materials

The GED Marketplace offers study bundles that focus exclusively on Reasoning Through Language Arts. Using these resources can help ensure that you are comfortable reading at the expected level required to pass the test.

This GED Reasoning Through Language Arts course can also be used to help you prepare for your language arts test with short video lessons on topics like comprehending fictional texts, analyzing informational texts and writing about a text.

What Study Strategies Can Help You Prepare?

Finding a way to make the most of your study time and the materials at hand is also an important component of passing your language arts GED test.

Schedule Study Time

Use your calendar or day planner to schedule study time for your language arts GED test. This will ensure that you don't forget to study sufficiently. Reviewing material regularly can help you thoroughly prepare for your GED exam.

Schedule Reading Time

Reading comprehension is a key component of the GED language arts exam, so it is a good idea to refer to resources that list works at the expected reading level required to pass the GED language arts test. Locate some of these works and schedule regular reading time into your day. If you take the bus to school or work, you may be able to read for a short period of time each day while commuting.

Join Study Groups

Some people do better when they have a support network. Joining a GED study group or finding a study partner can help you remain focused on studying regularly and setting study goals. You may be able to find study partners through a GED class.

Understand How the Test Is Graded

It can be helpful to be familiar with the scoring requirements for exams so that you know what skills you need to demonstrate in your test answers. Information about the scoring criteria for the essay response on the GED language arts test is available online (

GED Language Arts Test Information

The Reasoning Through Language Arts exam is the longest GED test. Individuals are given 2.5 hours to complete it.

It is necessary to earn 145 points to pass. Scoring 165-174 points results in a College Ready designation. Test takers who earn 175 points or more receive a College Ready + Credit designation on their diploma.

Test Cost

It costs $30 to take the Reasoning Through Language Arts exam the first time in the following states:

Wyoming Utah Ohio Minnesota Idaho
Wisconsin Tennessee North Dakota Michigan Delaware
Washington South Dakota Northern Mariana Islands Massachusetts American Samoa
Virgin Islands Rhode Island New Jersey Maryland Alaska
Virginia Pennsylvania Nebraska Kentucky Alabama
Vermont Oregon Mississippi Illinois

Higher rates are charged in Arizona, Bermuda, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas.

Lower rates are charged in Arkansas, Connecticut, DC, Nevada, New Mexico and North Carolina.

New Mexico and North Carolina only charge $20 for GED tests.

GED stands for the General Educational Development tests. These exams are taken by individuals who did not earn a high school diploma and cover four main subject areas. The successful completion of these tests provides the same benefits as graduating high school. Read on to learn more.

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