How To Pass The Praxis Core Writing

Preparing to Pass the Praxis Core Writing Exam

The Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing exam is one of three tests that make up the Praxis Core. The objective of this test is to ensure teacher certification applicants have a suitable level of knowledge of the writing process and are capable of writing both persuasive and informative material.

You can learn how to pass the Praxis Core Writing test by familiarizing yourself with the general content of the test, completing practice questions, ensuring you pursue any testing accommodations you may be eligible for, and implementing a study plan.

Step 1: Review Praxis Core Writing Basics

In order to start preparing for the exam, first take a look at the format of the Praxis Core Writing. Below is a summary of what you can expect on test day:

TestTimeNumber of Questions
Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing 100 Minutes split into a 40-minute multiple choice section & two 30-minute essay sections 40 multiple choice questions & 2 essays

Next, you will want to understand the content covered on the Praxis Core Writing exam. Below is a summary of the content areas that are tested. 

Content AreaApproximate Number of QuestionsApproximate Percentage of Test
Text Types, Purposes and Production 6-12 multiple choice questions & 2 Essays 60%
Language & Research Skills for Writing 28-34 multiple choice questions 40%

When planning to take the Praxis Core Writing test it is also helpful to review information about the types of multiple choice questions you may encounter and learn how to ensure you have effectively presented your essay so you can score as highly as possible. The scoring rubric ranges from a 1-6, where 1 represents fundamental deficiencies and a 6 represents a high degree of competence. The rubric emphasizes staying on topic, providing detailed information that answers the question and addressing all parts of the question in your response.

Step 2: Create and Follow a Praxis Core Writing Study Plan

Once you are familiar with the format and type of material that the Praxis Core Writing covers, you are ready to set up a study plan to be prepared for your Praxis test date. Things that you should consider while developing a study plan:

  • The types of materials needed
  • How much study time is needed
  • When you plan to register for the Praxis
  • Do you wish to prepare alone or with a group?

When creating your study plan, try to schedule time each day to answer relevant sample questions. You might also consider finding a study partner or group to practice Praxis test questions with.

Step 3: Use Praxis Core Writing Practice Questions and Study Guides

Using the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators - Writing: Study Guide & Practice materials can help ensure that you have covered the right content areas to pass the test.'s Praxis Core Writing study guide is filled with bite sized video lessons & transcripts to suit your learning style & preferences. You will get access to hundreds of quiz questions to test your knowledge along the way, as well as comprehensive practice tests at the end of the guides. Get started today by taking a 15-question practice test and begin your Praxis Core Writing study journey.

Step 4: Review Accommodations to Determine Eligibility

You may qualify for No InterWiki reference defined in properties for Wiki called "Praxis test accommodations\https"! if you have a disability or special academic needs. For example, if English isn't your primary language, you may qualify to have extra time to complete the Praxis Core Writing exam.

Applicants with recognized disabilities may also qualify for additional time to complete the test. Some test accommodations are specific to an applicant's needs, such as qualifying to use large print materials. Applicants may also be eligible for extra breaks, test readers, answer recorders or other accommodations. Check the testing accommodations for your disability or health issue and apply for accommodations to facilitate your success on the Praxis test if you qualify.

Additional Resources for Praxis Preparation

Whether you're looking for resources to help you tackle the remaining Praxis Core exams or the subject test for your teaching area, study materials complete with self-checking quizzes can be accessed through this collection of Praxis Study Guides. To ensure you are prepared for all of your Praxis exams, provides additional resources specific to both the Praxis Core Exams, as well as the Praxis II Subject Assessments.

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The Praxis is a series of exams designed to measure the subject & pedagogical knowledge of teacher candidates. Find out which Praxis exams you need to take and how to register. Learn about exam structure, content, and preparation tips.

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