How to Pass the Texas Real Estate Exam


Passing the Texas Real Estate Exam

The Texas Real Estate exam is offered to candidates who have successfully completed the educational requirements for real estate salesperson or broker licensure and have filed their licensure application. You will need to take and pass the both the state and national portions of the exam within one year. To pass the Texas Real Estate Licensing exam, you will need to be knowledgable about both state and national content, and know standard math calculations.

Texas State Portion

Content for the state portion of the exam is similar for both salesperson and broker licensure. There are approximately 30 scored multiple-choice questions for salespersons and 40 for brokers covering the following topics:

  • Duties and power of commissioned positions
  • Licensing obligations and maintenance
  • Professional code of conduct and ethics
  • Responsibilities and disclosures for agency/brokerage relationships
  • Utilizing contracts and disclosure requirements
  • Special topics regarding foreclosure, wills, homestead, HOAs and community property, among others

National Portion

The national portion of both the salesperson and broker exam is comprised of 80 scored questions, 10 percent of which require mathematical calculations. Content areas for each exam are as follows:

Broker Exam Property ownership, restrictions, transfers, definitions, valuations, conditions, disclosures and management, buyer/seller relationships and contracts, brokerage operations, transaction and settlement financing and Federal regulations of real estate transactions

Salesperson Exam Property ownership, restrictions, transfers, definitions, valuations, conditions, disclosures and management, risk management, buyer/seller contracts and relationships, governing laws and legal business practices, financing, brokerage operations

Standard Measurements

For the national exam, it is helpful to remember basic computations, including how many feet in a mile (5,280) and the square footage of an acre (43,560). Additional calculation questions might include prorating prices and determining commission percentages. This lesson on calculating real estate commission breaks down the commission calculation process.

Preparing for the Texas Real Estate Exam

Choose Valid Study Materials

Pearson VUE administers the real estate licensing exams for the state of Texas. They provide a comprehensive list of textbooks and articles from which you can study for both portions of the exam. For a more hands-on approach, you can take the Real Estate Exam Prep course offered on This course includes short video lessons covering all the content areas tested on the exam, as well as interactive quizzes that help you assess your understanding of the information.

Arrive Early and Come Prepared

By arriving at least 30 minutes early, you'll have adequate time to provide the required documentation and identification, have your picture taken for the exam score report and sign the Candidate Rules Agreement form. Make sure to bring the required two forms of identification, one picture ID and an additional signature verification ID such as a driver's license and social security card. Your score report will be generated upon completion of the exam.

Real estate exams can be difficult to pass, but with proper preparation, you'll be on your way to passing and earning your real estate license. Read on to learn about the four exam-prep steps you should take in order to ace your test.

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