How to Prepare for the CSET

What are the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) Tests

The CSET tests used by the state of California are part of the certification process for prospective teachers who are seeking licensure or subject-specific endorsements. There are also CSET tests to satisfy No Child Left Behind (NCLB), educational technology, and bilingual certification requirements.

CSET Test Preparation

Resource materials are available online that can help you to study effectively for a number of CSET tests. offers a variety of CSET test prep materials. Take a look at our CSET courses, comprehensive CSET study guides, and CSET practice tests. We've also got informational CSET resources to get you up to date on testing logistics and policies.

How to Prepare for the CSET Multiple Subjects Test

The CSET Multiple Subjects test is one of the paths available to satisfy the basic skills requirement set by the state for all educators. Use our study guides to get ready for this important exam whenever it is convenient for you.

Additional Preparation Materials

Each CSET test has a page on the CTC exams website with preparation materials specific to that test. These materials can be used to help test-takers determine what they need to study and see if they're ready for their test.


The CSET website provides a PDF with the objectives for each exam. These documents clarify the main goals of each test and explain the types of information test-takers need to know to pass the test or subtest. Reviewing this information can help test-takers be aware of what material they need to study before exam day.

Computer-Based Testing Tutorials

Anyone who is planning to take a computer-based test may want to consider the computer-based testing tutorials, which are a great way to get familiar with how the test software works. There is a general tutorial that covers the test itself, as well as a tutorial for the on-screen calculator. The site also offers tutorials that demonstrate how to produce hand-drawn responses for those tests that may require them and instructions on how to scan handwritten or hand-drawn responses so that they can be included with your test answers.

Sample Questions

Sample questions for each CSET test or subtest are also provided. Using the sample questions is a good way to develop an understanding of what information you will be tested on and to familiarize yourself with the question format for each test.

Practice Tests

You can also access practice tests for CTEL subtests on the preparation materials pages. This is an effective way of determining how well you know the material that will be on your test or subtests.

The CBEST exam includes a mathematics subtest. Individuals may be wondering what types of calculators they can bring when taking this test. This article looks at the CBEST calculator policy and alternatives individuals can use when testing.

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