How to Register for an AP Exam


Registering for AP Exams

If you attend a school that offers AP courses, contact your AP coordinator with a list of exams that you plan to take. This coordinator then completes the exam ordering process, collects your payment and provide you with test details.

If your school doesn't offer AP courses, you can contact AP Services to locate coordinators at schools that offer tests to students who aren't enrolled in their programs. These coordinators will handle your registration for you. To do this, contact AP Services by March 1 and the relevant AP coordinators by March 15.

AP Exam Fees

The AP exam fee is $92, as of October 2015, for each exam. Keep in mind that your school may require you to pay more to cover administrative costs or charge an additional fee if you aren't a student there. An additional fee of $45 is required for late testing, based on October 2015 info from The College Board. If you cancel your exam, you may not be eligible for a full refund.

Fee reductions are available for those who qualify, but requirements vary by state or school district. Many states also offer funds to reduce the cost. The College Board also offers a $30 fee reduction if you qualify.

AP Dates

AP exams are offered during the first two weeks of May, with late testing dates taking place in the third week. Most of the exams are offered at either 8 A.M. or noon.

About AP Exams

Most AP exams are 2-3 hours long and are divided into two sections. The first section is multiple choice and the second part is free response, which could include writing an essay or short answer. Some exams have other requirements. For example, AP students taking the studio art exam must submit a portfolio.

Preparing for AP Exams offers courses to help you learn about specific subjects as you prepare for your exams. Lessons in these courses also offer general information about AP exams. View the following links to learn more:

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Many colleges grant credit or advanced placement to students with qualifying AP Exam scores. Read on to find out when AP Exams are offered and get information about exam costs and preparation.

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