How to Register for TExES Tests

TExES Registration

TExES exam registration is available online, by phone, or via U.S. mail, depending on the type of exam you plan to take.

Computer-administered (CAT) exams offer registration online and by phone.

Registration for the Braille exam, which is currently the only paper-based (PBT) exam, can be completed online and by phone; however, this latter option is only available if you're trying to sign up for the test within the emergency registration time frame.

The Monday Braille PBT exam is only available to examinees with religious convictions or military duties that don't allow them to sit for a Saturday testing session. Individuals taking this exam are required to register via U.S. mail.

How to Register for TExES Exams

Before registering for a TExES exam, you must have a Texas Education Agency (TEA) ID number. This number is acquired by visiting the TEA website and creating an account after meeting candidacy qualifications. Be sure to have the TEA ID number ready when completing any of the following registration processes:

Online Registration

  • Access your ETS testing account: Visit, click the ''Register'' link located in the top navigation, then create or log into your ETS testing account.
    • Existing users: If you are an existing user, click the ''Go to Login'' button to navigate to the login screen. On this screen, you will sign into your ETS (Educational Testing Service) testing account (this account is separate from your TEA website account).
    • New users: If you are a new user, you must create an ETS testing account. To create this account, you will need to click the ''New User'' button at the bottom of the page, then provide your TEA ID number, first and last name, date of birth, and email address.
  • Begin registration. After logging into your ETS testing account, click on ''register for a test'' in the left navigation, read the online registration requirements, then click ''register'' to start this process.
  • Review compliance statements. Check corresponding boxes to acknowledge testing policies, then click ''next.''
  • Schedule a test. Select the test you plan to take and choose the location, testing center, date, and any additional testing options. Click ''add test'' to save your choices, then click ''next'' when you're ready to check out.
  • Confirm test selection and fee. Review the details of your testing appointment (click ''edit'' if you need to make any changes), then click ''next'' when finished.
  • Pay for your test. To pay for your test, provide your credit card information and click ''next.''
  • Submit your test registration. After verifying registration details once again, click ''next'' to complete the registration process.
  • Print your admission ticket. Click the ''print'' button to print your admission ticket. When finished, you can return to your account's home page by clicking on ''your account''.

Phone Registration

To register for an exam over the phone, call 1-800-205-2626. During this process, you'll work with a customer service representative to create your ETS testing account (be sure to have your TEA ID number ready). You can also find out about available test dates.

After your ETS testing account has been created over the phone, you will receive an email with your account user name. To get your account password, visit, click ''Your Account'' and ''Go to Login,'' then click ''Forgot Password.'' Submit your user name and date of birth to have a temporary password emailed to you.

Accessing your ETS testing account online allows you to sign up for a test, view your exam registration, print your admission ticket, reschedule your exam, or complete other related tasks.

Phone registration is available on weekdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., CST, except for on holidays.

Mail Registration

To register for an exam via U.S. mail, visit and navigate to the ''Alternative Testing Arrangements'' page where you can download a mail registration form.

Complete the form by providing your full name, mailing address, date of birth, gender, phone number, email address, and TEA ID number. Also, use this form to choose your test, test date, and the city and state in which you would like to test. Include credit card or debit card details for your payment of $131 for the test (and an additional $40 if you are submitting a form during late registration).

After submitting the form, it will be used to create your ETS testing account. You will receive an email with a user name for your account. Follow the steps above for TExES exam phone registration to receive a temporary password that will allow you to log in.

Note: If you're signing up for a Monday Braille PBT exam, you'll also need to submit a copy of your military orders or a signed letter in which your cleric verifies any religious convictions that prohibit you from taking a Saturday test.

DANTES Military Registration

Military members stationed outside of Texas can take a TExES exam through DANTES testing. Interested examinees must call 1-800-205-2626 to coordinate testing, rather than going the online route.

TExES Registration Deadlines

Computer-administered (CAT) exams are typically offered year round. Registration for these continuous exams is generally available up to 2 days before a given testing appointment.

Limited-administration CAT exams are offered during scheduled testing windows. Registration periods for these exams vary, but they typically last around 3-4 months and end anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks prior to an exam start date.

The Braille PBT exam is administered twice in a testing year. For the 2017-2018 testing year, the exam was administered on September 9, 2017 and will be offered again on Saturday, June 2, 2018. Registration deadlines for the June 2018 exam are as follows: May 4, 2018 (regular registration), May 11, 2018 (late registration), and May 25, 2018 (emergency registration).

Preparing for Test Day

The official site for TExES tests offers multiple exam preparation resources for free. Test at a Glance guides, for example, are available for most exams and provide information about the types of questions and time allotted for each test. Full-length interactive practice tests are also available for many TExES exams and include score report summaries.

To help students refresh their knowledge and review the topics covered on their TExES exams, offers several self-paced TExES practice and study guides. Each includes video lessons and self-assessment quizzes. Some examples of the more than 40 courses available are listed below:

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