How to Register for TExES Tests

Registering for TExES Tests

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) manages the Texas Examinations for Educator Standards, or TExES. As of September 1, 2018, the TEA has transitioned to a new registration system that is administered by Pearson. This system is replacing the Educational Testing Service (ETS) system, and you must create an account with this new system in order to register for TExES tests. You can learn more information and access this system on the new Texas Educator Certification Examination Program website at

Using the Online System

In most cases, you must have a TEA ID number before registering for a TExES exam. This number is acquired by visiting the TEA website and creating an account after meeting candidacy qualifications. Be sure to have the TEA ID number ready when completing the following registration process:

  1. Identify the TExES test(s) you need to take. Different tests may have different prerequisites, so make sure you meet all the relevant criteria for your test before signing up. Also, TExES tests are periodically updated and discontinued, so be sure to check the official website for the most current information about testing.
  2. Create your new Pearson testing account (if you have not done so already). TExES registration is handled totally online now through an account that you will have to make at You will need to enter your TEA ID, if you have one, in addition to a permanent email address.
  3. Pick a testing date and location. Before registering, use Pearson's seat availability tool to help you decide on a testing appointment. It's a good idea to research your test and potential testing locations in advance so you can pick the dates and centers that work best for you. Detailed information about each TExES test is now available on the new website, including test length and registration periods, which will help you make your decisions.
  4. Register for your test(s). You can register online 24/7 at Simply choose the Register option on the website and enter your account details to proceed to the registration form, where you will select the exam you need to take and submit payment. Here, you can also request alternative accommodations if you have a documented disability and choose how you would prefer to receive your scores.
  5. Schedule the test. You may schedule your test after paying the applicable testing fees, which will differ from test to test. If you need to cancel your appointment or change your test session/location, you may do this freely for up to 48 hours before the scheduled test date.

After you have registered, you will receive confirmation by email. Note that the new system no longer requires that you print an admissions ticket and bring it to the testing center.

Preparing for Test Day

The official site for TExES tests offers multiple exam preparation resources for free. Test manuals, for example, are available for most exams and provide information about the types of questions and time allotted for each test as well as practice questions.

To help students refresh their knowledge and review the topics covered on their TExES exams, offers several self-paced TExES practice and study guides. Each includes video lessons and self-assessment quizzes. Some examples of the more than 40 courses available are listed below:

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The TExES PPR test is administered to teachers seeking certification in Texas. Learn more about the content, structure and purpose of the PPR exam, and find out what you can do to prepare.

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