How to Register for the ASCP Exam


Completing the ASCP Application

The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) offers several certification examinations, but before you can register for and take one of these tests, you must first submit an application for certification. Here are the basic steps involved in that process:

  1. Determine which ASCP exam you need to take. Don't go into this process thinking there is only one ASCP exam. In fact, there are over 20, so make sure you've identified the one that you need.
  2. Create an ASCP account on its website. This account will be an important portal for you, through which a lot of your communication with the BOC will occur. This is also where you will find the online application for your exam.
  3. Complete the application. Depending on your specific exam, this could require several steps. Many exams require you to fill out an online application as well as submit required documents to the BOC headquarters in Chicago. These might include official transcripts, experience and/or training documentation forms, letters of authenticity, and other documents to prove educational and professional experience. Consult your specific examination guidelines to ensure that you have provided all required documents. All documents must be received within 30 days of when the application process began.
  4. Pay the application fee. Each exam has a required, nonrefundable application fee. These range from $135 to over $500. You can pay with check or credit card, but your application is not complete until payment is received. The BOC must receive your fee within 30 days of when the application process began.

At this point, an evaluator will begin reviewing your application. They'll let you know if there are any missing documents, and will eventually notify you when your application has been accepted or rejected.

Registering for an ASCP Exam

Once your application has been accepted, you will be provided with instructions for registering for your exam. Registration will be done through Pearson VUE, which proctors the exams. It offers a list of available testing facilities on its website, where you will log in and select a testing location, date, and time that works for you. Once your testing appointment has been successfully scheduled, you'll receive a confirmation letter that includes this information in addition to directions to the testing facility you selected.

Keep in mind that you must register for an exam within a three-month window of being approved to test. If you fail to do so, you may have to reapply and pay a new application fee.

Rescheduling Your Appointment

If you have to reschedule your exam, you must contact Pearson customer service more than 24 hours before the start of your original exam date. You will hopefully be able to reschedule your exam sometime within that same three-month period. If you have to reschedule an exam for outside of that timeframe, you may have to pay a new application fee.

Preparing for Your Test Date

If you would like to learn more about ASCP exams and access self-paced study guides that include lessons and quizzes tailored to exam content, check out these resources available through You can use them to develop a study plan and review exam topics in time for your testing appointment:

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