How to Register for the GRE Exam

Online Registration for the GRE

Registration for the GRE is completed through the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which administers the exams. You can sign up for the general GRE or elect to take one of seven paper-based GRE subject tests in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, literature, psychology and mathematics.

To register online, create an account using your name as it appears on the ID you'll be using at the time of the exam. Once your account is set up, you'll be able to choose a test date and location. This account also allows you to print your admission ticket to the testing center and view your scores once they become available.

Registration by Mail or Phone

Registration for the computer-based general GRE exam is also available by phone.

If you live in an area without any computer-based testing centers and need to sign up for the paper-based version of the general GRE, or are taking one of the GRE subject tests, you have the option of submitting a registration form by mail.

Individuals needing special accommodations for disabilities are not able to register online. They will need to register by mail through ETS Disability Services.

Exam Dates

Unlike many other standardized tests used in admissions, the computer-based GRE is offered year-round in most locations. Test dates and test center locations can be viewed through the ETS website. You will need to select a country, state and city. You can then search by zip code to find available testing appointments, which are four and half hours long.

The paper-based GRE is offered around three times a year. Subject tests are also offered three times annually in April, September and October. Available test dates and locations for these exams can also be found on the ETS website. Regular registration deadlines for either type of paper-based test fall around five weeks prior to the exam date.

Test Day Information

On the day of the test, there are several items you must bring. If you're taking a computer-based exam, you will need to bring a valid ID. For a paper-based exam, you will need a valid ID, your admission ticket and three or four pencils.

GRE Study Materials

If you'd like to learn more about test registration or find out what's covered on these exams, offers self-paced courses that can help you prepare for the general GRE as well as some of the subject tests. Each course breaks up instruction into short chapters that discuss test question formatting along with the topics you'll need to be familiar with on test day.

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Determining when and where to take the GRE is an important step in test preparation. Learn how to find the right date and location for the GRE general test and the GRE subject tests, as well as helpful study tips.

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