How to Register for the VCLA Test

Registering for the VCLA Test

Individuals who need to take the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) exam to obtain their teacher certification must register online and schedule their testing appointment. To do this, they must create an account on the VCLA website.

Creating an Account

The VCLA website ( has a page titled ''Register'' that can be used to create an account. Individuals must provide identifying information, including:

  • Their name
  • An email address
  • A mailing address
  • A phone number

Individuals must also create a password and a security question for their account.

Locating a Test Site and Test Time

The VCLA website connects to apps offered by Pearson VUE that can be used to find out where nearby test sites are located and when there is space available to take VCLA exams.

The app for finding test sites only identifies locations that are close to your chosen location. You must input a city name, zip code or specific address to find the nearest test sites.

A separate app for checking seat availability allows you to identify a time and place when you can take the test. When you go to the app, the first step is to choose one of the VCLA subtests or select the complete VCLA exam. The next page will prompt you to choose a test location. You must input a zip code, city name or a street address to locate suitable test sites.

Once you input the address information, you will be given a list of nearby test sites. You can select up to three. The next page will allow you to select one test site at a time and see upcoming test dates that are available. When you pick the test site and a date from the calendar, a list of available start times will be displayed.

Individuals must go to their online account on the VCLA website and schedule the exam to secure their space at their chosen location, date and time.

Account Privacy Policy

Your personal information is not shared with anyone other than the parties who need access to your VCLA results, which includes the Virginia Department of Education and the postsecondary institution that you indicate on your account. Your test results are provided directly to these organizations.

Payment Policy

Individuals with an outstanding account balance cannot register to take exams, and full payment of all fees is required prior to your test date. If you have not paid in full, your results will be voided and you must pay a $20 administrative fee to have your account cleared.

Once you pay for a VCLA test, you have up to one full calendar year to take it.

Test Date Changes

You can change your test date and time up until 24 hours prior to the time you are scheduled to take the VCLA exam. This service is available free of charge.


If you have your test or subtest scheduled already, then you must click on your account's ''Reschedule'`' option and then cancel your test.

Once you have done this, or if you have registered and paid but not scheduled your test or subtest, you can submit a withdrawal request. These steps can all be taken through your online account, and full refunds are given as long as you withdraw at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled test time.

Individuals who have registered for the complete test cannot cancel one subtest and receive a refund for it alone. There is no refund offered to individuals who are absent on their scheduled test day.

VCLA Test Resources

Using online resources, such as the Virginia Communication & Literacy Assessment: Practice & Study Guide can help you focus on reviewing material that's covered on the VCLA test. This resource contains multiple lessons designed to help individuals thoroughly prepare for their exams. There are also resource materials available for each of the VCLA subtests, which are linked to here: is proud to offer three Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) scholarships for prospective teachers and educators.

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