How to Sign Up for GED Classes Online


Signing Up for Online GED Classes

You have a variety of options for studying to take the GED exam. However, these programs typically require you to provide contact and payment information. Some programs require you to call to register for the course. Each of these courses focus on helping you prepare for the GED, though the costs vary. Keep reading to learn more about your options.

The GED Academy

The GED Academy is strictly for preparing users for the GED. The site claims that with one hour of study per week, you are guaranteed to pass the exam. The class includes reading materials, practice tests, lessons and tutoring services. You can sign up for the GED Academy through an online form. The programs costs $189, though the GED Academy offers a free trial course for GED preparation, requiring only your name and e-mail address.


Kaplan's course provides video lessons, practice questions and a self-study guide as well as help via email from course instructors. The score reporting offered points out where you need further study and how you can improve. You'll need to enroll through an online interest form and then call them to get set up for their program. The cost of the program is $129, and you can access the course for three months. Kaplan guarantees a full refund if you don't pass the GED after taking the course.'s Fast Forward GED Mobile Study Bundle offers online access to the study materials for six months. The course includes interactive lessons, pretests and study guidance. You can sign up online for $69.95. You'll also receive 12-month vouchers for the GED Ready tests, which are full practice tests for the actual GED.

Signing up for membership with requires contact and payment information, as well as a user name and password. Membership starts as low as $49 and offers access to the full library of courses, not just the GED prep course, for the entire length of your membership. Courses are supported by expert instructors, and include short video lessons and self-assessment quizzes you can take when you have a spare five minutes. As well as a comprehensive GED course, you'll also have access to courses that focus on each of the subjects covered by the GED, so you can focus on only the subjects you need to.

Why Take an Online GED Course?

These courses can help you prepare for the four subjects on the GED exam: math, science, social studies and reasoning through language arts. Online study guides include practice tests that present questions similar to those from on the GED, which can help you get comfortable with computer testing and develop a strategy that works for you. The best part about an online GED course is that it's available when you are, wherever you are. Whether you need to cram the night before the exam or stretch your studies out over a few months, an online course lets you study on your schedule.

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GED stands for the General Educational Development tests. These exams are taken by individuals who did not earn a high school diploma and cover four main subject areas. The successful completion of these tests provides the same benefits as graduating high school. Read on to learn more.

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