How to Study for NCLEx in 2 Weeks


Preparing for the NCLEX in Two Weeks

Since passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is required in order to enter the nursing profession, individuals who are ready to start their careers and have a limited amount of time to prepare for this exam will want to ensure that they maximize their time with an appropriate study plan. Test-takers can also follow several steps to ensure they are ready for the exam within two weeks of studying.

Step 1: Review NCLEX Test Plans

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN ) website provides outlines of the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN tests. Individuals can access these free outlines for the test they are preparing for and use them to identify the key content areas they will be tested on when taking the NCLEX.

Step 2: Take An NCLEX Practice Exam

The NCLEX practice exams provided on the NCSBN website are designed to ensure that individuals who are preparing to take the NCLEX are familiar with the testing system used for the NCLEX and the types of questions that they may be asked. Individuals can also purchase these practice tests from the NCLEX website.

Step 3: Take an NCLEX Study Course

Those who are preparing to take the NCLEX to earn their practical or registered nursing license can take advantage of study courses tailored to each NCLEX exam, which can insure that individuals have reviewed the appropriate material before exam day. The study courses are accessible online and allow individuals to work at their own pace. One of the advantages of these study courses is that the lessons can be worked on from a cell phone from anywhere with internet access, so individuals can spend time studying while riding the bus or during lunch breaks.

Step 4: Refer to HESI Exit Exam Results and Take Remediation

The HESI Exit Exam is often given by postsecondary nursing programs. Many colleges and universities require individuals to earn a predetermined score on the HESI Exit Exam in order to graduate, so a lot of individuals who are preparing to take the NCLEX will already have HESI Exit Exam test results. Those who aren't required to take the HESI Exit Exam can choose to take this test. The HESI Exit Exam can be an effective way of determining if a person is ready to pass the NCLEX because it is specifically designed to evaluate readiness for the NCLEX exams and is considered an accurate indicator of whether or not a test-taker will pass the NCLEX.

Questions about nursing procedures, patient care and specialized nursing areas make up the HESI Exit Exam. Individuals can be asked about a variety of topics, ranging from how to prevent infections to how to evaluate patients. There are two HESI Exit Exams. One is designed for individuals pursuing their RN license, while the other is for LPNs. The HESI RN test has 150 questions, while the LPN test can be comprised of either 75 or 150 questions.

HESI Exit Exam Remediation

Individuals taking the HESI Exit Exam can get a scoring report that indicates which parts of the test that they did not do well on. They are also eligible for a remediation strategy that is provided for free from Elsevier, which is the company that created the test. The remediation strategy provides study resources targeting the parts of the test that the test-taker had the greatest difficulty with so that they can concentrate on improving their performance just in those areas.

Tips: Strategies for Effective Study

Schedule Study Time

Make sure you block out sections of time to concentrate on studying appropriate material for the NCLEX test. It is important that you ensure you have enough time available to thoroughly review all of the material that will be on the exam.

Prioritize Problem Areas

The remediation materials from Elsevier for the HESI Exit Exam will help you determine which parts of the test you are ready for and which ones you need to concentrate on studying for. Prioritize the parts of the test that you have the most difficulty with when studying. It can be good to reward yourself with a short review of content areas that you are already confident in so that you feel positive about your study time but it is important that you do not overemphasize reviewing information you already know well.

Join a Study Group

Working with a study group or partner can be effective if it will help you focus on reviewing content regularly. Some individuals may prefer to have someone who is appointed to keep them accountable for their study time and check in regularly to make sure that they are maintaining their study schedule. Know what works best for you and implement the strategy that is most effective for your needs.

The NCLEX is an exam for aspiring nurses looking to prove their skills and knowledge. Students must pass this standardized exam in order to receive their nursing license.

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