How to Study for the CHSPE

Access Reputable CHSPE Study Resources

If you're getting ready to sit for the California High School Proficiency Examination and earn your Certificate of Proficiency, you can take advantage of this CHSPE: Practice & Study Guide course. It has 165 lessons designed to help ensure you have thoroughly reviewed all of the material on the test. The course is accessible online, and you can work on lessons at your own convenience, making it easy for you to incorporate study time into your schedule.

Familiarize Yourself with Test Content

There are two main parts to the CHSPE. One covers mathematics while the other covers English language arts.


This part of the CHSPE contains 50 questions presented in multiple-choice format. They focus on geometry, algebra and statistics. You will need to be able to show that you can identify numeric patters and relationships between numbers in addition to performing mathematical operations. You will also have to work with measurements, probability and statistics.

English Language Arts

There are two areas of focus that make up the English language arts part of the CHSPE. These content areas cover language and reading.


The language subtest has 48 multiple-choice questions as well as a writing assignment. The test questions measure your ability to use words correctly, follow punctuation rules and capitalize words when required. There are also questions that focus on assessing your ability to organize information and use proper sentence structure.


There are 84 multiple-choice questions on the reading subtest. You will be evaluated on your understanding of written material. You must be able to process and interpret text. You are also assessed on your vocabulary skills, including your ability identify words with multiple meanings and determine the correct usage in the specific contexts they are used in.

Use Sample Questions

You can gain access to part of the CHSPE website that is designed to help you prepare for the test after requesting a password. This password gets you to a page containing test specifications and sample questions, both of which can be used to familiarize yourself with the wording used in the questions and the types of topics you will be asked about when taking the CHSPE.

Work with Study Partners

Each person knows his or her own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to studying. Some people avoid studying or cut study time short if they don't have proper motivation and accountability. If this describes you, it could be a good idea to find other individuals studying for the CHSPE and join them for regularly scheduled study time. Studying with others can help you concentrate on reviewing areas that you may not like working on as much. It can also motivate you to study more independently so that you are prepared for your group study sessions.

Schedule Study Time

Do not make the mistake of overestimating how much study time you have in your schedule. Pencil in time to review all parts of the CHSPE. Make sure you have enough time to cover all of the relevant material before your test date.

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