How to Study for the MBLEX Exam


Studying for the MBLEx Exam

Individuals who have completed an accredited massage therapy program will likely want to take the MBLEx examination, as the majority of states require passing scores on this exam as a prerequisite for licensure. Outlined below are a few basic tips to help prospective massage therapists study for the MBLEx.

Familiarize Yourself with Exam Content

The content of the MBLEx exam is broken up into several different topics. A good first step when preparing for the exam is to find out what these cover and how much of the test material is devoted to each topic. The exam's 100 multiple-choice questions cover:

  • Anatomy and physiology (11%)
  • Ethics, boundaries, laws and regulations (16%)
  • Professional practice guidelines (15%)
  • Kinesiology (12%)
  • Pathology, contraindications, areas of caution and special populations (14%)
  • Benefits and psychological effects of soft tissue manipulation techniques (15%)
  • Client assessment, reassessment and treatment planning (17%)

Prospective test takers can use this information to guide a review of their course materials, develop a study plan, or pinpoint exam topics that might give them trouble on exam day.

Consider Using a Study Guide

There are a number of resources students may choose from when preparing for the MBLEx, a couple of which are highlighted below.

Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) Study Materials

The FSMTB is the organization that sponsors the MBLEx examination. It has created a paper study guide for the examination that students are able to order online for a fee of $29.95. This study guide covers all the material that will appear on the exam and includes a practice test that students can use to simulate test conditions.

Online Test Preparation

Students who are seeking additional ways of preparing for the MBLEx may be interested in enrolling in some type of online prep course, of which there are a variety of options.

Many of them provide students with helpful resources that are designed to make studying for the MBLEx as simple as possible. Some features of online test prep include flashcards, practice questions and tests, detailed analyses of questions, and diagnostics that students can use to assess their strengths and weaknesses. provides self-paced study resources in which students can get detailed reviews of all the exam topics, track their progress through lesson quizzes, complete a practice test, and use flashcards to learn key concepts. These resources can be found here:

Registering for the MBLEx

After students have studied for the MBLEx and feel prepared to take the exam, they must complete the registration process in order to set up a testing date. This involves applying to take the MBLEx and paying the required fee of $195. After a short waiting period, applicants will find out if they have been approved to take the test if they receive an Authorization to Test (ATT) via email. Within 90 days of receiving the ATT, students can then go online to set up a test date that works for them.

What is the MBLEX Test?

The MBLEx is a nationwide exam used for the licensure of massage therapists and other bodywork practitioners. It's administered after approval at computerized testing centers. Keep reading to get test details and explore available prep resources.

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