How to Study for the MTTC Tests

Study Strategies and Resources For MTTC Tests

The Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) is a crucial requirement for obtaining teacher certification in the state of Michigan, so it is important to thoroughly prepare before your scheduled MTTC exam. Employing some of the simple study strategies listed below and accessing useful study materials can help you get ready for exam day.

Identify the Test Objectives

In order to prepare for an exam you need to know what it covers. The MTTC website has a section covering test objectives. Individuals can select the MTTC test they need to take from a drop down menu. This action opens a page that provides an overview of that specific MTTC exam and the subareas on the test and what they cover. This page also indicates the question formats used on the exam, the length of time test-takers have to complete the test and the score required to pass.

Schedule Study Time

Make sure you plan your schedule so that you have enough time to review all the information for your test. It's a good idea to block out periods of time regularly so that you can see how much time you have available to study. This will help you schedule your exam when you are ready instead of realizing after you've scheduled your exam that you will need to cram because you don't have enough study time.

Join a Study Group

Some people need motivation to study so they do best when they work with a study partner or a study group. Be honest with yourself about your study habits and what will help you achieve the best results.

Access Study Guide Materials

Take advantage of reputable preparation materials that will help you prepare for your exam. For example, the study guides linked to in this section are self-paced and accessible anywhere you have internet access. Each contains hundreds of lessons that you can work through to prepare for your exam. Additional MTTC practice and study guides can be located by searching on the website.

Find Test Preparation Materials

The MTTC website has a page devoted to preparing for MTTC exams. Individuals can access general test information on that page, as well as other helpful resources, including the following options.

Computer-Based Testing Tutorial

The prepare page on the MTTC site has a link to a tutorial of the computer-based testing system so that individuals can understand how it works. It is a good idea to review this before test day so that you are comfortable with the testing process.

Test Center Tour

A slide show of test centers is also provided so that individuals know what to expect on test day. This will give you an idea of what checking in looks like and the layout of the testing areas.

Exam-Specific Resources

This page also has a drop down menu for selecting the specific MTTC exam you need to take. When you select your exam you will be taken to a page devoted to resources for that exam, including study guide documents and examples of questions that will be on the test.

Practice Tests

The MTTC website also sells practice tests for MTTC exams. These practice tests can be purchased through a link provided on the prepare page.

The MTTC tests are used by the state of Michigan as part of the certification process for teachers. This article explains what they are, the formats they're given in, the test objectives and when individuals need to take MTTC tests.

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