How To Study for the Praxis 2


Overview of Praxis 2 Tests

Praxis 2 (or Praxis Subject Assessments) are designed to evaluate prospective teachers' knowledge of the subject area they intend to teach, as well as pedagogical knowledge specific to that subject.

Praxis test requirements vary from state to state. It is important to determine which test you are required to take in your state for the certification that you seek. This can be done through the ETS website ( by selecting your state and viewing its testing requirements.

How to Study for Praxis 2

Preparing for the Praxis 2 can seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of planning you can efficiently use the time you have to feel prepared on test day. Follow the outlined steps for a successful Praxis 2 preparation experience:

  1. Determine which Praxis 2 exam you need to take
  2. Understand the logistics of your Praxis 2 exam
  3. Review Praxis 2 test content
  4. Utilize effective Praxis 2 study strategies
  5. Prepare for Praxis 2 test day

Step 1: Determine Which Praxis 2 Exam You Need to Take

Begin by figuring out which Praxis 2 tests you will need to take to obtain your teacher certification; there are over 90 Praxis Subject Assessments covering an assortment of subjects and specialties. The tests you will need to take are dependent on which subject(s) you plan to teach, the level of the subject matter and the state in which you would like to practice. Be sure to check with your state education department or licensing authority to learn more about which tests to take and what scoring requirements you will need to meet. Below are common Subject Assessments you may need to take:

Step 2: Understand the Logistics of your Praxis 2 Exam

Once you establish which Praxis 2 exam(s) you will need to take to obtain your teacher certification, take some time to learn more about the test. Consider Praxis test length and number of questions. Begin exploring what an appropriate Praxis test date might be for you, and learn more about how Praxis exam registration works.

Step 3: Review Praxis 2 Test Content

Next, you will want to get familiar with the content covered on your Praxis 2 exam. ETS provides test companions that come with a breakdown of the content areas covered as well as the number of questions per content area. Once you learn more about the content tested, make sure you become familiar with the format of your Praxis 2 test. You may encounter the following question formats:

  • Selected Response: These questions are multiple choice. You will encounter questions with four to five answer choices and you will have to select the best choice or choices depending on the question. This question type is scored electronically by a computer.
  • Numeric Entry: These questions require you to enter a numeric value in integer, decimal or fraction form based on what is asked.
  • Constructed Response: This question type is similar to an essay. They are generally scored by two or more professional evaluators with expertise in the subject area.

Step 4: Utilize Effective Praxis 2 Study Strategies

Make sure you have enough time to study sufficiently and a plan to study regularly. Explore your options for self-study or within groups. Some people need a partner or study group to provide them with motivation to study regularly. Be honest with yourself about what type of approach to studying works best for you so that you'll be ready to pass your Praxis 2 tests.

Your schedule may not allow for interactive study, so you may need to rely on online resources, such as study guides or practice tests. Study guides allow you to refresh your knowledge and learn more about the concepts covered on your Praxis 2 test.'s Praxis 2 study guides are filled with video lessons accompanied by transcripts for ease of studying. Refresh your knowledge and even test yourself along with way with short quizzes. Once you think you understand the content, try taking a practice test. Practice tests give you're the opportunity to test your knowledge and gauge where you are on your prep journey. You can use practice tests to help you determine which topics you may still need to reinforce before test day. gives you the opportunity to take a free 15-question practice test with your Praxis 2 study guide!

Everyone has a different Praxis 2 preparation journey, so learn more about what may work for your schedule and study style by experimenting with different resources. Check out this list of Praxis Study Guides for some of the most commonly required Subject Assessments:

Step 5: Prepare for Praxis 2 Test Day

Before you take your Praxis 2 exam, you should locate your test center and familiarize yourself with the transit route to that location. This extra step can help you prevent unnecessary delays on test day. You may also have grounds for Praxis 2 accommodations. This means that the form of the test or the testing procedures may be altered for you. In order to receive accommodations, you must apply for them. It is also a good idea to review the Praxis test procedures and rules so that you have the information you need when you arrive for your test, such as identification.

Following the outline on how to study for the Praxis 2 exam can really help ensure that test day goes as smoothly as possible!

What Is Praxis?

The Praxis is a series of exams designed to measure the subject & pedagogical knowledge of teacher candidates. Find out which Praxis exams you need to take and how to register. Learn about exam structure, content, and preparation tips.

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