How to Study for the TEAS Test


Studying for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

Individuals who are planning to pursue college studies in allied health sciences or nursing are often required to earn acceptable scores on the TEAS test in order to be admitted to one of these postsecondary programs. Since doing well on the TEAS is often mandatory if you want to pursue a career in the health care field, it is important to create an effective study plan. There are many tips you can adopt to help with the review process and ensure you pass the TEAS test.

Tip 1: Access Reliable Study Materials

It is important to make sure that you take advantage of reputable resources when you are studying for the TEAS exam. You want to be sure that the information you're reviewing is the right material for the test and that study guides have been developed by educational professionals who are equipped to put information together in a helpful manner.

TEAS Test Study Guide

The TEAS Test Study Guide allows you to work through all of the material that is covered on the TEAS exam at your convenience. You can work through lessons anywhere you have a smart phone and internet access, whether its over lunch breaks or when taking public transit to and from school. There are a total of 204 lessons that cover all of the subjects found on the 4 subtests.

ATI Testing Resources

The ATI Testing site also has study guides and practice tests that you can use when studying for your TEAS exam. ATI created the TEAS test, so you can be confident that you are reviewing the right material when you use resources from this organization. Taking the online practice tests is also an effective way of determining if you know the test material as well as you need to.

College Study Materials

Some postsecondary institutions requiring individuals to pass the TEAS in order to be accepted also provide study materials. It is possible to access sample test questions, an outline of test objectives and other materials that can be used to help you prepare for test day. It is a good idea to check college websites when gathering study resources.

Tip 2: Join a Study Group or Find a Study Partner

It's easy to justify skipping a study session or wrapping up early when the only person you're answering to is yourself. Sometimes, we need other people to hold us accountable to study. Joining a study group or finding a study partner is an effective way of staying motivated to continue to review right up until test day. Working with other people can also be helpful if you're struggling to understand something in the test material because your peers may be more familiar with that content than you are. Study partners also won't let you skip over material you aren't as interested in.

Tip 3: Schedule Study Time

One of the biggest mistakes that individuals can make is to assume they have enough time to review all the material for their test without checking their schedules. You need to ensure that you have enough time to review the information that's covered on all 4 subtests.

Tip 4: Don't Schedule the Test Until You're Prepared

It is very important to do as well as possible when taking the test because some colleges impose waiting periods before you can retake the TEAS. Some colleges also limit the number of times that a person can attempt the TEAS within a calendar year. For example, some schools only allow individuals 2 attempts to pass the TEAS each year. Other schools let individuals take the test up to 3 times within a year but might also impose 30-day waiting periods before an individual can take the test again. Since test policies vary from college to college, it is a good idea to check on the policies for the college(s) that you are applying to.

Tip 5: Talk to a Nursing Advisor

It's also a good idea to talk to the appropriate staff at the postsecondary institution you wish to attend. Your school may have a nursing advisor or another faculty member who can provide you with additional study materials and study tips that you can use while preparing for the TEAS test.

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The Test of Essential Academic Skills, or TEAS, is an entrance exam offered by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). Keep reading to find out more about this important exam and how you can prepare for it.

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