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Online Study Guides

Our WEST-B Reading, Writing and Mathematics: Practice & Study Guide is specifically designed to let you study at your own pace while you prepare for the WEST-B exam. The course includes 180 lessons, which are grouped into 21 topical chapters. You can use your smartphone, laptop or tablet to work your way through the lesson material, so you can take advantage of break or travel time to prepare for the exam. Since the course was developed specifically to align with the WEST-B content, you can feel confident that after completing it you will be ready to do your best on the exam.

WEST Website Study Materials

The WEST website provides a number of materials that can help you get ready for the test. Consider using the following as part of your study plans.

  • Math symbols and formulas sheet: The WEST website provides a 2-page document that lists the mathematical symbols and formulas test-takers may need to use for the mathematics subtest. Although this resource is available on-screen during the test, you'll want to make sure that you are familiar with this information and how to use it beforehand.
  • Test objectives: You can browse through the primary objectives for all three subtests on the WEST-B exam. This will familiarize you with test expectations and help you see if there are any areas where you might want to focus your studying.
  • Sample questions: Get an idea of the question formats you'll see on exam day and see how you might do answering these types of questions with the samples available for the Reading, Writing and Mathematics subtests.
  • Glossaries: Use these study resources to ensure you are familiar with key terms and concepts you could encounter on exam day. A glossary is provided for each of the subtests.

Study Tips

Schedule Study Time

Never underestimate how much time you need to prepare for an exam. Use your daily planner or calendar to schedule regular study sessions and make sure that you have enough time to review all of the required material before you take the WEST-B test. If you use our WEST-B study guide course, the following table gives you an idea of about how long it might take you to prepare for the full exam.

Study Frequency When You'll Be Ready for the Exam
3 hours a day; 3 days a week 2 1/2 weeks
2 hours a day; 3 days a week 4 weeks
1 hour a day; 3 days a week 8 weeks

Join A Study Group

Some people benefit from having others to keep them focused on studying regularly, and it can also be helpful to have other people available to clarify topics you're having trouble understanding. Find a study partner or study group that will help you prioritize studying for the WEST-B test. You could check with a local library or community college to see if there is a group meeting near you.

Know What to Expect on Test Day

Test Format

The reading and mathematics subtests last two hours each, and these subtests solely use multiple-choice questions.

Test-takers receive three hours to complete the writing subtest. This subtest is comprised of multiple-choice questions and constructed-response questions. The multiple-choice section is worth 67% of the total test score, while 33% of the score comes from the constructed-response questions.


Each subtest has a passing score requirement of 240. The scores test-takers receive are scaled between 100 and 300. The scaled score is based on how many of the multiple-choice questions you got right as well as how you scored on the writing prompts (for the writing subtest).

Tip: You are not penalized if you get a multiple-choice question wrong, so it is worthwhile to take a guess even if you are not sure of the answer. Guessing offers a chance of getting the question right while leaving the question unanswered ensures the test-taker will not receive any points for that question.

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