How to Study for the WEST-E Test

Studying for WEST-E Tests

Teacher certification applicants in Washington State must pass the appropriate WEST-E test for their instructional area. If you're getting ready to take one of these exams, there are some specific resources and strategies you can use to study effectively.

WEST-E Study Aids

There are many different types of materials that you can take advantage of when preparing for your WEST-E test.

Review Courses

There are hundreds of lessons contained in each of these WEST review courses. The lessons are accessible online via smart phones and other electronic devices, making it easy for you to access them wherever and whenever you have an internet connection. This enables you to fit in study time during lunch breaks or when riding public transit to work or school. Each course also includes practice quizzes and tests. Sample titles include:

Preparation Materials

Each WEST-E test has a page on the WEST website that provides an overview of a test's format, the length of time it takes, the cost and other general information. The page also provides a link to pertinent test information that can be used to help you study, such as:

  • Test structure: The WEST website provides a document explaining the structure of each WEST test so that you understand the breakdown of questions into content sections and how much each section is worth. You can use this test summary to identify areas where you already have a high level of knowledge and areas where you may need to spend extra review time.
  • Sample questions: The WEST website also provides a pdf with examples of questions like those on your WEST-E test. Accessing this document enables you to familiarize yourself with the phrasing of questions and their structure.

WEST-E Study Tips

By employing some specific study tips, it's possible to avoid common mistakes when preparing for an exam.

Schedule Study Time

Do not make the mistake of underestimating how much time you need to study for your exam. Schedule study time regularly to ensure that you will have time to review all of the content for your exam. You do not want to rush into an exam and fail because you were unprepared.

Emphasize Studying Content Areas You Struggle With

You might consciously or subconsciously avoid reviewing material that you find more challenging or don't enjoy. Use the test information provided on the WEST website to make sure you budget an appropriate amount of time for each of the content areas on the exam. If you find yourself rushing through some content areas, or avoiding those content areas in your studies, it is a good idea to plan extra time to review that material. You can also use the practice quizzes and tests in the study guide to find out when you've finally mastered the test topics that you struggle with.

Join a Study Group

Find other individuals preparing for WEST-E tests and schedule study time together as a group. This can motivate you to prepare for study sessions and stay focused on reviewing the material during your scheduled study times.

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