How to Transfer CLEP Credits


Understanding CLEP Credit Transfers

In order to understand CLEP credit transfers, it's important to grasp the basics of earning scores and credits through CLEP.

CLEP is a credit-by-examination program that works with colleges and universities to test students' knowledge of specific subjects and help students earn semester credits that can be applied toward a college degree.

While CLEP administers and scores exams, only colleges and universities can grant college credits.

To earn credits, CLEP sends (or transfers) the scores of completed exams to schools at a student's request. Using their credit-granting policies, schools determine if the scores meet their minimum passing score requirements then grant credits that may be used toward a degree at their institution.

CLEP credits are not transferred from school to school. Instead, CLEP scores are sent directly to schools, and those schools award credits to students.

What Colleges Accept CLEP Credits?

Around 2,900 colleges and universities grant credits based on scores earned on CLEP exams. The following steps can help you quickly locate institutions that grant credits for CLEP:

  1. Visit the CLEP website and navigate to the Search Institution Policies tool.
  2. Type a school in the ''Enter a College or University Name'' field, then select the school name when it pops up.
  3. If you don't know the name of a specific school, click the drop-down arrow under ''Select a Country'' to choose your country (for the United States, also choose a state), then click the ''Search'' button to access a list of institutions that accept CLEP credits (click ''See school's CLEP policy'' for policy details).

As you browse the schools that accept CLEP credits, take a look at the ''Score and Credit Information by Exam'' section. Here, you can learn the minimum passing score allowed to earn credits and the credit hours awarded for each exam per school.

How Are CLEP Scores Sent to Schools?

Students are responsible for ensuring scores earned on CLEP exams are sent to the appropriate schools. This process is accomplished by selecting the institution to which you want scores sent during the exam registration process or at the time of testing.

If you did not select an institution during the registration process or when testing, or want to send exam scores to multiple schools, you must submit a CLEP Transcript Request Form at a cost of $20 for each score recipient.

CLEP Credit Transfers for Students

Learn the basics of transferring CLEP scores and securing college credits for transfer students, high school students, military personnel and international students.

Transfer Students

If you are a transfer student and want to find out whether scores for CLEP exams you've already taken can be used to earn semester credits at another institution, be sure to research that school's credit-granting policy. Keep in mind that schools may have specific policies for transfer students that restrict credits that can be applied toward a student's major.

High School Students

For high school students, it's important to find out the credit-granting policies at the schools you're interested in attending to ensure you know which exams are accepted and what scores are required to earn credits. It's also good to keep in mind that many schools only grant credits to students who are enrolled at their institutions.

Military Personnel

Military students should have an SOC Student Agreement (which provides a contract-for-degree) that ensures all parts of a degree plan, including courses, military experience and exams like CLEP will be transferred to a college to award a college degree.

International Students

CLEP exams can sometimes serve as substitutes for credits earned at international colleges or universities that are not transferable to U.S. institutions. Before taking a CLEP exam, be sure to check the credit-granting policy for your school of choice.

Studying for CLEP Exams

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Need a transcript to transfer your CLEP credit? Check out our article on requesting your CLEP transcript from the College Board.

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