How to Use the GED Math Prep Course

Instructor: Kathryn Jorawsky

Kathryn has a B.S. and M.S. Degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Kansas. She has tutored college level math and worked at View High School.

This course prepares you for the quantitative reasoning and algebraic reasoning questions you'll encounter on the GED Math exam. You'll also learn about test taking strategies so you can pass your GED with ease.

GED Math Course

This GED Math course was created to teach you, the GED test taker, the math concepts you need to know to successfully pass your test. In this course, you'll find information on the exam and how to prepare for it, as well as chapter exams that were designed to reflect the questions you will encounter on the actual GED Math test. This course is designed to teach you only the math concepts you need to know so you can quickly and easily prepare for the GED and be on your way to passing the test.

About the GED Math Course

This first chapter in this course consists of a brief overview of the four sections of the GED test, as well as information on scoring breakdowns and how to register to take the exam. This chapter will also provide detailed information about the GED Math test. This includes the tools and resources you are able to use while taking the test and test-taking strategies.

In the second chapter of this course, you will learn about the different types of questions on the GED. The GED Math test uses several types of questions including multiple-choice, drop-down boxes, drag-and-drop, and hot-spot questions. These different types of questions may look confusing at first glance, but the GED Question Types chapter will show strategies for how to tackle these questions. The GED Math test also has fill in the blank questions where you are asked to write in the correct response without any answer choices. For these questions, it's best to review the remaining chapters in the course so you feel comfortable with all concepts that can appear on your exam.

The remaining chapters in the GED Math course will cover in detail the concepts and topics that you need to know to successfully pass your test. The course first covers number sense and problem solving, including basic arithmetic and how to solve word problems while also diving into distance and total cost problems. The course then goes into fractions and decimals, followed by a chapter covering ratio and percent problems. This course is then finished up with chapters and lessons that prep you for questions on statistics and probability, algebra basics and equations, and geometry.

Chapter Exams

The best way to gauge your readiness for the GED Math test is to practice. Each lesson in this course has a quiz that tests how well you understand a math concept. At the end of each chapter in this course, you'll find a chapter exam with 30 questions. While the exam questions aren't hot-spot or drag-and-drop as seen on the GED, the multiple choice chapter exam questions will closely reflect the questions and material that you will find on your GED test. Some questions will feature graphs, tables, or images of figures to simulate the types of prompts you'll see on the GED Math test. Questions could also be word problems that may be repeated several times within a chapter exam to test different aspects of the word problem.

These chapter exams will give you a good idea of the questions you'll encounter on the exam and also help you see what math concepts you need to study up on. Upon completing each chapter exam you'll receive a grade and a breakdown of the questions you missed and the ones you got correct. Each question links directly to the lesson in the GED Math course where you can find the information to correctly answer the question. You can take the chapter exam as many times as you like to see how your score improves each time you take the exam.