HSPT Exam Registration Information


How to Register for the HSPT

Individuals who are applying to certain high schools may be required to take the High School Placement Test (HSPT). The tests are offered by different schools, and each school sets its own registration process.

Individuals should contact the school that will host their test to find out what they need to do to register. They may opt to email or phone the school for this information. Some schools also offer information on their website about the different registration options that are available.

Online Registration

Some schools have an online registration system that individuals can use. These systems allow individuals to pay the test fees using a credit card. Individuals can also select a test date and location if necessary. For example, those who are registering to take the HSPT through the Archdiocese of a specific city or region may have multiple options for where they can take their HSPT.

Phone Registration

Individuals who are unable to use an online registration system or prefer a different registration option may be able to register by phone.

Walk-In Registration

Some schools allow individuals to arrive on test day and register and pay for the HSPT on the spot. Individuals who opt to pursue a walk-in registration have no guarantee that they will be admitted to the test, however. If there isn't enough space on that day, they may not be able to take the HSPT then.

What to Bring on Test Day

There are a number of things that HSPT test-takers should bring with them on the day they're scheduled to take the HSPT.

Payment: Unless individuals have paid online when they registered, they must have the test fee with them. Cash is an accepted form of payment.

Pencils: Students taking the HSPT should have two sharpened No. 2 pencils with them on test day.

Confirmation Code: Individuals who register online receive a confirmation code. These test-takers should have that code with them when they check in on test day.

Identification: Identification requirements may vary from school to school. It may be important for individuals who did not register in advance to have accepted forms of identification. Check with the test site to find out what forms of identification, if any, are required.

How to Apply for Accommodations

Some individuals who are planning to take the HSPT exam may qualify to have their test modified or to have changes made to the testing conditions. These are called accommodations. They are typically offered to individuals with specific needs that stem from a disability, a medical condition or speaking English as a second language.

Individuals who feel they may qualify should contact the school or diocese where they are taking the HSPT to find out about schools' specific accommodations policies and how to apply for adjustments. Some schools have a deadline for applying for accommodations, so it is important to pursue applying for accommodations as soon as possible.

Examples of Adjustments Offered

The specific test accommodations available can vary from school to school. Examples of common adjustments include the following:

  • Extra test time
  • Receiving the test in Braille
  • Taking the test in a separate room
  • Use of resources, such as a calculator
  • Receiving a large-print version of the test
  • Having a person read test questions
  • Extra breaks during testing
  • Ability to answer test questions orally

Where to Find HSPT Study Materials

Individuals who are preparing to take the HSPT can take advantage of the online HSPT Test: Practice & Study Guide. The 384 self-paced lessons in this course take students through all the information they will be tested on.

What the HSPT is, how it's used and what it covers are discussed here. The scoring system is also explained, and individuals can review some tips to keep in mind when they take the HSPT.

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