HSPT Test Accommodations

Accommodations for HSPT Exams

When a student is going to take the High School Placement Test (HSPT), his or her parents may be concerned about getting special testing accommodations due to a disability, medical condition or speaking a first language other than English. Accommodations refer to changes that are made to the test itself or the testing process in order to meet any special needs a student might have. How and where to seek accommodations are outlined below.

The Scholastic Testing Service Accommodations Policy

The HSPT is created and maintained by the Scholastic Testing Service. This organization does not actually supervise the testing process. The tests are given by middle or high schools. As a result, the Scholastic Testing Service does not make any decisions about test adjustments.

Test Alterations Scholastic Testing Service Does Provide

Scholastic does provide the HSPT in different formats. Schools purchasing HSPT exams must ask for tests in these formats if needed. Alternate test formats include:

  • HSPT exams in Braille
  • HSPT exams presented with large print
  • An audio version of the HSPT

Testing Regulations for Individuals with Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is designed to ensure that individuals with disabilities are treated fairly. For students in school, the law requires reasonable adjustments to be made to tests or testing processes in specific circumstances, including when students are taking high school entrance exams, such as the HSPT.

Individuals Who Qualify for Accommodations

Students with disabilities may qualify for test adjustments. Examples of disabilities that may be grounds for accommodations include:

Hearing impairment Visual impairment Attention disorder
Medical condition Traumatic brain injury Autism

Examples of Accommodations That May Be Available

Students with disabilities are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by their schools, and a decision about what, if any, test or testing alterations will be offered are based on a student's diagnosis and needs. Some possible accommodations students may be offered are listed here:

Test given in Braille Scribe to write or transfer answers
Access to medication Ability to test in wheelchair-accessible location
Test given in large print Environmental modifications to reduce distractions

Approval for Accommodations

Parents must check directly with their child's school to determine the process in place for applying for testing accommodations. If a student has an Individualized Educational Plan, her or she may already have a testing process in place that will apply to the HSPT exams. Students with disabilities who are on a 504 Plan are also already approved for academic accommodations.

Students who are not on an IEP or 504 Plan may need special permission for test accommodations, and their parents will need to consult with their child's school.

Documentation Requirements

Each school has its own system in place for evaluating an application for test accommodations. Most or all schools require supporting documentation. Examples of documentation that may be required include:

  • Academic records
  • Medical test results
  • Evaluations by professionals

Other Individuals Requiring Accommodations

There may be schools that offer adjustments for individuals who do not have a disability but have a legitimate need for test modifications. An example may be students who speak a different first language. Who qualifies and the qualification process is at the discretion of the school that is administering the HSPT test.

HSPT Study Materials

Students who are going to take the HSPT exams can use the HSPT Test: Practice & Study Guide Course to work through 384 online lessons that were developed to help students review all the information on HSPT exams.

What the HSPT is, how it's used and what it covers are discussed here. The scoring system is also explained, and individuals can review some tips to keep in mind when they take the HSPT.

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