HSPT Test Cost

Test Fees for the HSPT

Students who need to take the High School Placement Test (HSPT) exam may be required to pay test fees. In some cases, a specific fee is assigned to the test itself. In other cases the cost of the test may be included with the cost of applying to the school. It is important to check with the specific school to which you are applying to determine if your HSPT fees have been included in the application fee or if you must pay additional fees. The cost of the test can range from $20 to $40, depending on the school.

Accepted Payment Methods

The school that hosts the HSPT determines which forms of payment they will accept for HSPT test fees. Some schools may take cash payments on test day, and many schools offer the option of using a credit card to pay online. Applicants will need to check directly with the school where they are taking the test to confirm what forms of payment they accept.

Additional HSPT-Related Costs

Students may opt to take an HSPT study course to prepare for the examination. These are available from a variety of sources at a range of prices.

Study.com offers several membership options depending on your needs. All of these choices give you access to our HSPT Test: Practice & Study Guide Course, which walks you through all of the material that will be on the HSPT test. The course consists of 384 lessons that are accessible through any computer or our mobile app. Students can work through the lessons as quickly or as slowly as they choose, and help from our subject-matter experts is just a click away.

HSPT Study Tips

Students who are preparing to take the HSPT exam can consider these study strategies.

  • Study partners: Find other students who are planning on taking the HSPT test and work with them to make sure that you are motivated to study regularly.
  • Teacher-based tutoring: In some cases, test-takers may be able to take a study class or receive tutoring from a teacher in their current school.
  • Schedule study time: Use your calendar to block out periods of time to spend reviewing for the HSPT test. This will ensure that you cover all the information for the test and don't skip study sessions.

HSPT Test-Taking Tips

There are specific things that students can do when they are taking the HSPT exam that can help them earn a better score.

  • Answer all questions: The HSPT exam score that a test-taker receives is based on how many questions they got right. There are no points deducted for wrong answers, so it is better to guess than to leave a question blank.
  • Follow directions: Make sure you take the time to carefully read all of the instructions so that you do not make mistakes when completing your test.
  • Read carefully: Questions may be worded in a way that is designed to trick you. Take the time to carefully read each question so that you are sure about what the question is asking you.
  • Budget your time: Know how many questions you have to answer and how much time you have. Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete the exam and don't spend too much time on questions that you're struggling with.
  • Review your answers: If you have extra time at the end of the testing period, check over your answers and make sure that you have completed all of the questions.

What the HSPT is, how it's used and what it covers are discussed here. The scoring system is also explained, and individuals can review some tips to keep in mind when they take the HSPT.

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